Cotechino al Barolo

This Barolo infused sausage is a classical Piedmontese hors d'oeuvre.

£ 6 .49
g 500   cod. 0317
£ 12.98/kg.

Cotechino is a kind of pure pork sausage made of skilfully dosed and minced meat, lard, bacon rind and the prestigious Barolo wine. It has to be cooked before eating and is best served very hot and in thick slices.  It’s a classical Piedmontese hors d’oeuvre but can also be served as a delicious and tasty part to a main course.


INGREDIENTS: pork meat, pork rind, pork fat, salt, Barolo wine (1,5%), sugar, spices, natural flavourings, antioxidant: ascorbic acid, preservative: sodium nitrite. GLUTEN FREE.

STORAGE CONDITIONS: Store in a cold and dry place.

PREPARATION: Leave the Cotechino in the packet and place it in a pot fill with cold water, bring it to the boil and cook for 20 min. Drain and remove the Cotechino from the packet, cut it into slices and place it on a warm serving dish. Serve the Cotechino with mash potatoes or lentils.

Nutrition Facts
Average values per 100g of product
Energy (kJ) 1286 Energy (kCal) 310
Fat (g) 24 Of which satured (g) 8
Carbohydrate (g) 0,4 Sugar (g) 0,4
Protein (g) 23 Salt (g) 1,6