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Barbecue Special!

The grill is hot and the the spareribs are sizzling: it’s time to open a good bottle of wine and to enjoy the first barbecue of the year! 30% off our BBQ wines, full-bodied reds, chilling whites and fresh rosé wines, perfect to match grilled steaks or vegetables and to make your al-fresco parties more special! Don’t miss out: you can also get free shipping if your order is 90£ or more! Check the terms of the offer.

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15 Results found for Wines Sparkling

Brunella Rosé - (cod. 0048)

One of the most classic and popular wines of the Giordano assortment. Fresh and cheerful, is made from selected grapes and vinified with a delicate fresh fermentation, separating the skins from the must immediately after crushing. 

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Fragolino - (cod. 8571)

A fruity and aromatic wine-based sparkling drink made with the addition of strawberry juice.

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Fragolino "Gold Label" - (cod. 6030)

A fruity and aromatic wine-based sparkling drink made with the addition of strawberry juice.

£ 7.49

Franciacorta DOCG - (cod. 8438)

Franciacorta is widely regarded as Italy's finest sparkling wine made by metodo classico, i.e. the so-called classic way to produce sparkling wine, popularly known as the Champagne method, méthode classique or traditional method. With this method the effervescence is produced by a secondary fermentation in the bottle. It’s made by blending different vintages of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir  - and includes a second fermentation in the bottle with at least 24 months contact on the yeast. Franciacorta was the first Italian sparkling wine produced exclusively by the Traditional Method to win, in 1995, the Controlled and Guaranteed Denomination of Origin (DOCG) and in the same year the recognition of the Franciacorta production method. Just like “Champagne”, the single term "Franciacorta" identifies indeed both the growing area, the production method, and the wine.

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Moscato d'Asti DOCG 2016 - (cod. 8543)

Sweet white wine, born from the grape Moscato, which finds its ideal terroir in the southern Piedmont between the provinces of Asti, Alessandria and Cuneo.  The winemaking and sparkling process includes a cooling phase, which originates a fragrant wine, sweet and aromatic.

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Moscato Spumante - (cod. 8234)

Obtained from Moscato Bianco grapes, grown with the Guyot system. Winemaking and sparkling process are made in vats and autoclaves in temperature controlled stainless steel.

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Pinot Spumante Brut - (cod. 8236)

An attractive Pinot-based sparkling dry white wine obtained according to the traditional Italian "Charmat" method, that is with the second fermentation in special autoclaves, from which the wine gets its typical bubbles.

£ 9.90

Pinot Spumante Rosè - (cod. 8024)

Fizzy and refreshing.

£ 10.00

Premium Class Bianco Sparkling - (cod. 8562)

A fresh and elegant wine, which is ideal for any occasion.

£ 9.90

Prosecco DOC 2016 - (cod. 8554)

Italians' favourite sparkling wine from the Veneto region in the North East of Italy.  Intense floral aroma typical of the Glera grapes, also known as Prosecco grapes. 

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