120 years of history

"Giordano has been producing wines with passion for the past 120 years because fine wine, just like good food, makes life better"


The Giordano Wineries, in Piedmont and in Puglia, are the beating heart of our company: it is there that the wine is produced, harvest after harvest, in full respect of tradition. And it is precisely in this way, starting from our heritage of the past, that we have succeeded in building our success. Because at Giordano we know it well: you need to be clear about where you started from to reach even the most ambitious of goals.


Our history: wines made with passion from the early 20th century

La nostra storia: fin dai primi del Novecento vini fatti con passione

Our route to expansion began in 1950 thanks to the vision and intuition of Ferdinando Giordano, who decided to abandon the traditional distribution chain and exclude intermediaries for the benefit of the customer. A choice in advance of the times, which has since become the heart of our work and a fundamental element for the company: "Quality wines, delivered at home in a short time and at the right price, with maximum satisfaction of those who receive them".

We were born as producers, but when you love wine as much as we love it, that role can end up being a little painstaking. With an increase in demand, the single production of our vineyards was not enough to guarantee Giordano wines for all customers.

We therefore created a network of trustworthy, vineyard people like us: with grapes and their must, with our experience and the wineries owned by Valle Talloria and Torricella, we started to produce more, carefully selecting the best of national viticulture. In Piedmont, the tradition of winemaking is deeply rooted, but all over Italy excellent wines are produced: we deliver wine every day right to the front door of our customers.

Wood and steel: the poetry of the past and cutting-edge technology coexist in the winery

Giordano Vini: legno e acciaio, tradizione e tecnologia

Today we are a company in harmony between tradition and modernity, able to deliver the excellence of our products to the homes of more than 1 million customers in Italy and in Europe. Our huge commitment to the winery operation and the careful selection of the grapes has led to our wines standing out in the most prestigious international wine awards and competitions: a source of pride for all of us, a guarantee of quality for those who choose us, and constant incentive for our passionate Winemakers.

Our 120 years of history, combined with the desire to continue improving and the constant challenge of offering wines of ever-increasing quality, have led us to be a part - together with Provinco Italia S.p.a. - of Italian Wine Brands, the first Italian group in the wine sector to be listed on the stock exchange. This is not the finishing line for us, but instead a further stimulus to put our experience at the service of those who choose to buy Giordano wine.

Our goal? To make fine wines. Because a fine wine makes life better.