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Italian sparkling wine is definitely ‘in thing’ in the UK at the moment so 
we are offering you some truly superb  sparkling wines at a price that is, quite frankly crazy. 
No need to save them for a special occasion – just  open a bottle whenever you feel like treating yourself with only £5.8 a bottle!

£ 69.00 ADD

6 organic Apulian Wines

6 bottles of our new ORGANIC wines made from 100% certified organic grapesall the scents and charm of Apulia in two unique products!

£ 34.95 ADD


6 bottles of big, rich and robust wines, perfect pairing with red meat, game and mature chesses!  Only £ 7.00 a bottle

£ 42.00 ADD


100 years of history

Since 1900, the Giordano Family have been producing classic wines in Valle Talloria, a small paradise at the foot of Langhe Valley, Piedmont and selling them directly to customers in the UK.

The Giordano Guarantee

The excellence of Giordano's wines is guaranteed by a continous commitment to authenticity and the use of only the best grapes. Total satisfaction or your money back.

Virtual Tour

Discover our wine cellar with a virtual tour of Google Street View: where you can see the historic section where prestigious wines rests on aging and then move on to the more modern part where the younger wines produced in steel drums


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