Winelover Selection

12 Bottles

This is a message for those who love wine: no need to make any choice! With this selection you can have red and white wines that will make you fall in love at first sip.  And to preserve the quality of the wine, you receive the practical vacuum wine saver set: three accessories that real aficionados cannot miss!

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Sommelier in White

12 Bottles

Entrust the experts for your most elegant toasts: fruity and floral aromas, delicate hints of spices, a light and pleasant body and enjoyable sensations of freshness, all the best of the Giordano white wines in a selection dedicated to enthusiasts. With the vacuum wine saver set included, no drop of your favorite bottles will be wasted!

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Tasty and Chic

12 Bottles and 6 Specialties

A gourmand will not miss such a tempting opportunity! Prestigious wines and tantalizing treats for a cheerful and tasty table and a vacuum wine saver set, to best preserve the taste and fragrance of your bottles once uncorked. Choose the unmistakable taste of Italy!

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100 years of history

Since 1900, the Giordano Family have been producing classic wines in Valle Talloria, a small paradise at the foot of Langhe Valley, Piedmont and selling them directly to customers in the UK.

The Giordano Guarantee

The excellence of Giordano's wines is guaranteed by a continous commitment to authenticity and the use of only the best grapes. Total satisfaction or your money back.

Virtual Tour

Discover our wine cellar with a virtual tour of Google Street View: where you can see the historic section where prestigious wines rests on aging and then move on to the more modern part where the younger wines produced in steel drums


5 wines (plus one extra) for the perfect barbecue


The sun is shining, between one day of rain and another: the time for a BBQ has arrived! Whether electric, charcoal, gas or wood. Showcase your skills as master of the barbecue and we’ll take care of the wines.

Neighbours’ Day: a much-loved tradition!


Begun in 1999 in Paris, Neighbours’ Day has become a fixed event throughout Europe. A day dedicated to friendship and solidarity. Do not make other commitments on May 19th!

The craft of wine production, a passion that starts with the earth


From the vineyard to the cellar, the journey of wine is marked by times and rhythms dictated by nature: a harmony of intentions that produces the best labels. Discover the craft of wine production with Giordano.

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