Sparkling Style

12 fine sparkling wines, perfect to pamper your palate with a lively and irresistible taste!

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The Red Wine Selection


Wine and good food lovers will especially enjoy this selection of 5 great red wines, as they are an ideal accompaniment to succulent grilled meats and strong cheeses. Take advantage of the special price of this offer!

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Heart of Italy - Mixed Selection

The pleasure of getting on your table 12 bottles of delicate, nice wines and 6 fine Italian delicacies: a perfect combination to put together a wonderful meal for your family and friends.

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100 years of history

Since 1900, the Giordano Family have been producing classic wines in Valle Talloria, a small paradise at the foot of Langhe Valley, Piedmont and selling them directly to customers in the UK.

The Giordano Guarantee

The excellence of Giordano's wines is guaranteed by a continous commitment to authenticity and the use of only the best grapes. Total satisfaction or your money back.

Virtual Tour

Discover our wine cellar with a virtual tour of Google Street View: where you can see the historic section where prestigious wines rests on aging and then move on to the more modern part where the younger wines produced in steel drums


Carnival in Italy: discover the most famous masks of the Italian tradition!


The main traditional Italian masks. With a small concession to the sins of gluttony!

The perfect wines for a seductive Valentine’s Day


Which are the best wines to uncork for a sensual and seductive Valentine’s Day celebration: here's our Top 7! Which is your favourite?

7 ideas for creative bottle recycling


If DIY is your passion, use our suggestions to create little works of art with empty wine bottles!

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