Taste of Tuscany

12 Bottles + 6 Food Specialties

Tuscany: a wild yet delicate region, harmonious alternation of different characters, where nature provides a great food and wine heritage. Be enchanted by the exquisite lightness of Toscana Bianco, and then give way to the overwhelming personality of Chianti, or to the untamed spirit of Toscana Rosso. 12 Tuscan wines and 6 typical food specialties to rediscover the rustic flavors of a tasty, homemade cuisine: enrich your pantry with the scents of Tuscany!

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Irresistible Veneto

12 Bottles

A sophisticated package with wines which represent the elegant charm of a region full of beauty. Taste Prosecco, bright and lively spirit of the parties, and then Soave DOC, intriguing and delicate, and finally be captured by the indomitable character of Cabernet Merlot Veneto. Different glances on the same irresistible Veneto!

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Taste of Apulia

12 Bottles + 4 Food Specialties

Breathe the scents of the Mediterranean: from Apulia to your table, 12 wines with a firm and magnetic character and 4 typical Apulia specialties, an invitation to explore unique flavors. The gold of Fiano meets the untamed spirit of Merlot, Sangiovese Puglia is conquering, Chardonnay is charming. Serve orecchiette pasta with a delicious tomato sauce with basil: Apulia has never been so close.

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100 years of history

Since 1900, the Giordano Family have been producing classic wines in Valle Talloria, a small paradise at the foot of Langhe Valley, Piedmont and selling them directly to customers in the UK.

The Giordano Guarantee

The excellence of Giordano's wines is guaranteed by a continous commitment to authenticity and the use of only the best grapes. Total satisfaction or your money back.

Virtual Tour

Discover our wine cellar with a virtual tour of Google Street View: where you can see the historic section where prestigious wines rests on aging and then move on to the more modern part where the younger wines produced in steel drums


The craft of wine production, a passion that starts with the earth


From the vineyard to the cellar, the journey of wine is marked by times and rhythms dictated by nature: a harmony of intentions that produces the best labels. Discover the craft of wine production with Giordano.

Discover the most beautiful villages in Italy on Easter Sunday and Monday


Give yourself a few days to discover the most beautiful parts of Italy at Easter this year. We have three destinations in mind: Veneto, Tuscany and Puglia.

How to organise the perfect Picnic


First picnic of the season? Enjoy a day full of nature, fun, nice food and fresh wines!

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