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Special Offer: Wines from Central Italy

The wines from Central Italy are the centre of our attention today! Discover the best labels from Tuscany, Umbria and Abruzzo: they are the result of a centuries-old passion for wine. Today you can save up to 52% on our Tuscany 2014 Toscana IGT Rosso, Chianti, Orvieto and other perfect summer wines! And if you order £90 or more, the delivery is FREE! 

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5 Results found for Wines Sicily

Chardonnay 2016 "Terre Siciliane" IGT - (cod. 8508)

A tropical fruit-flavoured dry white wine produced from the international Chardonnay grapes grown in Sicily.

£ 8.79

Nero d'Avola 2015 "Terre Siciliane" IGT - (cod. 8528)

A full-bodied Sicilian dry red with a smooth, velvety texture.

£ 8.39

Syrah 2016 "Terre Siciliane" IGT - (cod. 8473)

Intense and velvety red wine from the sunny Sicily.

£ 8.49

Syrah Nero d'Avola 2016 Terre Siciliane IGT "Collection" - (cod. 8474)

A velvety-smooth rich red wine from Sicily.  Delicate and complex bouquet of ripe fruit.

£ 8.99

Vermentino 2016 'Terre Siciliane' IGT - (cod. 8559)

Vermentino Terre Siciliane is a fragrant and evocative white wine, the result of the expert hand of the Sicilian winemakers and the experience of the Giordano cellar Masters. An elegant wine that carries the Mediterranean scents directly to your table.

£ 9.90