Our ambition

Maintaining the edge


The quality of a wine is firstly the result of the work that takes place in the vineyard and of the selection of the best quality grapes. However, it is in the delicate phase of vinification that a wine’s essential qualities are brought out. Qualities that will be polished and enhanced through maturation in barrel or bottle and will be released in the glass when the wine is finally opened and enjoyed.

It is for this reason that Giordano is committed to the continual updating of its winemaking technology and training of its highly qualified viticultural and oenological staff.

The entire cycle - from the pressing of the grapes, fermentation, vinification, storage and bottling is carried out with state of the art equipment by the skilled and dedicated winemaking team.

In Giordano TOTAL QUALITY is a company prerogative -thanks to the commitment of our staff it is a REALITY!

Total quality is a reality at Giordano as is proven by the ISO9001:2000 certification - an important seal of approval.This ensures that the winery carries out its production and saleof wine and speciality foods with a total respect for the regulations that guarantee the consumer’s best interests.

This logo identify and ensure that our Company is fully committed to maintaining the highest standards of excellence producing and selling fine wine and food delicacies sustaining an ISO 9001:2000 quality standard certification to ensure that our clients receive elite product and services.