"Andrea Etichetta Nera" Vino Rosso

Dry Red Wine

A sign of the times, sweet and bitter at the same time, defines my Andrea Black Label Red Wine. It is the echo of his dreams that fills the Cellar, between the brick vaults and the sinuous curves of the barrels. The whistling breath of air that accompanies each visit to evaluate its consistency and evolution, low currents that together trace a whirling waltz of expectation. A red that knows how to express unusual, enthralling and impetuous notes. A wine that alternates Mediterranean impetuosity with melancholy suspensions, always poised between dissonant emotions: never out of place on important occasions, always sincere in its silent song in the heart of the enthusiast.

Andrea, Wine Maker Giordano

13,5% vol
Serving Temperature
Serving Temperature
18°-20 °C
Contains Sulphites
Contains Sulphites

The Andrea Black Label Red Wine offers a dark and dense colour, impenetrable to the eye. Marc shadows appear in the glass and rapidly slip away. The nose gives traces of wood, making specific reference to its period of rest.
 There are faint echoes of spirit soaked fruit and sensations of chocolate and tobacco. A fragrant evocation of spice brings order to the bouquet, to accompany the tasting and mark the milestones note by note. Rich, well-balanced, with smooth, essential tannins, it gives the taste a prolonged and austere finish

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  £ 8.55/lt.   (cod. 8829)
Marketed by: Giordano Vini S.p.A. via Cane Guido 47bis-50 12055 Diano d'Alba (CN) - Italy.

The ageing period allows the wood of the barrels to yield impressions and aromas to the wine that they house. The key players in this exchange are Vanillin and Tannins, although many other impressions contribute to the referencing game that is created. It is a deep, intimate two-way relationship: the longer the rest, the more the footsteps of the journey taken together are clearer.

Food Matches

I envisage this Andrea Black Label Red Wine alongside traditional red meat, roast and braised dishes. By its very nature, and due to its adherence to the formulas of the more austere reds, it is excellent alongside cheeses with an intense flavour which are difficult to combine with lighter wines Appreciable in meditative contexts, perhaps next to flakes of dark chocolate and with an evocative melody in the background: a music that can talk about what we have left behind, and what in one way or another has made us that which we are.


Whatever the occasion, Black Label Red Wine is best served in a balloon glass. It is the glass with the perfect shape to allow the wine to breathe and make it perfect for tasting. The wide rounded form and slightly narrower opening collect the aromas, enhancing its natural complexity.

Production Notes

Bottled by Giordano Vini S.p.A. - Diano d'Alba - Italy in the cellars of Valle Talloria

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