Our tradition

The Cellars


Going down to the cellar and walking amongst the oak barrels, tasting wines directly from the cask is a ritual that is practised daily by our oenolologists and our team of expert cellarmen.

The real heart and history of Giordano lies in the cellars of Valle Talloria d’Alba, where the wine is aged. For over one hundred years this is where all aspects of the winery’s activity took place. Crushing, fermentation, ageing, bottling, stocking and shipping were all carried out here. As time passed, many of these activities were moved to the buildings that now surround the cellar.

Today the sole inhabitants of these historic halls are the large oak barrels and smaller barriques in which Giordano’s most prestigious red wines are aged. Set in the magnificent landscape of the Langhe hills amongst vineyards, woods, castles and farmhouses, Giordano’s cellars are the destination of many wine lovers who visit to re-stock their cellars with their favourite bottles knowing that they will always receive a warm welcome.

The Giordano Family believes in the great qualities of Apulian wines and has started to produce wines in the new cellar in Torricella, in the heart of the Apulian viticultural region. They believe traditional varieties are especially well-suited for their local growing conditions; wines like Primitivo and Zinfandel, plus Negroamaro and other traditional and international varieties