Dolcetto Piemonte DOC

Dry red wine


Piedmont has many lands, Piedmont has many souls: in Dolcetto Piemonte DOC, the facets of a complex identity find perfect synthesis. In the glass it always manages to amaze, gradually unveiling its full expressive spirit. Unlike the denominations linked to a specific territory, Dolcetto Piemonte DOC manages to build relationships between the small differences of a historical varietal, playing with nuances and impressions. An exchange of tastes and tones, a mosaic of different sensations waiting to be reconstructed.

12,5% vol
Serving Temperature
Serving Temperature
18 °C
Contains Sulphites
Contains Sulphites

It’s ruby red to the eyes, with subtle violet hues. The olfactory profile is rather broad, characterised by clean and persistent floral aromas: a vinous nose, pleasantly characteristic, stimulating curiosity and opening to a taste that immediately demonstrates a perfectly accomplished balance. Low acidity, a tannic structure of measured intensity, enveloping and pleasant overall, the Piemonte Dolcetto DOC is a different red from the usual, and never insipid.

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Marketed by: Giordano Vini S.p.A. via Cane Guido 47bis-50 12055 Diano d'Alba (CN) - Italy.
Food Matches

Dolcetto Piemonte DOC is accompanied with graceful varied combinations: a rustic appetizer, fresh pasta (also filled) with bold sauces or traditional second courses. It can be sampled with Piedmontese snails, if you prefer a regional combination, or with Venetian-style stewed tripe, to bring them together while enhancing different traditions.

Detailed Information


To obtain a fully successful Dolcetto Piemonte DOC, the work begins with accurate research and detailed mapping of the best vineyards, where the vine can better express itself. Once the fruit choices have been made, matured in the Piedmont hills with a rich composition and excellent exposure, we proceed with harvesting and traditional winemaking. Some expert knowledge allows the full expressive potential of the grapes to be transferred to the must, the peculiarities that make the aroma of this red so fruity and personal.


Dolcetto Piemonte DOC owes its name to a characteristic of the grapes from which it is produced: sweet, precise, and characterised by a low acidity compared to its cousins ​​such as the Barbera and Nebbiolo. It is one of the most popular reds in Piedmont, pleasantly dry, satisfying and without overabundance. Compared to the Costafiore, which is more everyday, reassuring and definite in the influences of the land of origin, whereas the Costafiore is more thorough and austere. Definitely two wines to try, the two faces of a ‘Made in Piedmont’ red.

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