Barbera IGT Provincia di Pavia

dry red


A timeless classic from Lombardy: Barbera IGT Provincia di Pavia is a traditional red wine, appreciated for years and years and present on the daily table of many wine lovers. A simple red to approach, straightforward and vinous: it should be interpreted as light or impersonal, because our Barbera IGT Provincia di Pavia knows how to speak for itself and leave its mark. Excellent with rich first courses, soups and cured meats.

Serving Temperature
Serving Temperature
16°-18 °C

Clear, bright red: a dense, luminous and intriguing colour. The olfactory profile is caressing, with intense aromas of violet standing out among the others. When tasted it reveals a good, inviting and warm structure. The hints of black cherry enhance its pleasantness, and a soft finish seals the tasting experience with echoes of velvety sensations.

£ 7 .89
  (cod. 8817)
£ 10.52/lt.

The classic winemaking process involves the harvesting of grapes in September, soft destalking and crushing, and the preparation of a must rich in peels to enhance the intake of aromas and suggestive notes. The maturation in the cellar refines the wine, and the last stages of processing stabilize the characteristics before bottling. The Barbera IGT Provincia di Pavia follows a cycle of processes marked by ancient customs, partly (perhaps) responsible for its unique and consistent characteristics over time.

Food Matches

Barbera IGT Provincia di Pavia finds harmonious combinations with traditional regional dishes, especially meat-based ones. Among elegant appetizers and sumptuous second courses, it moves perfectly at ease; it shines when combined with tasty soups and broths. With cured meats it paints seductive alchemy, in particular with the Salame di Varzi DOP.


Pour a glass of Barbera IGT Provincia di Pavia, then wait at least fifteen minutes before tasting. You won’t need a decanter, and the wine will quickly reach the perfect degree of oxygenation. Choose a goblet-style glass, perfect for reds (even those more demanding).