The definitive guide to Easter pairings

Easter lunch is highlighted by the rhythms and flavours of tradition. Whether you choose a meat or fish-based menu, the definitive guide to pairings is the one created by Giordano

The definitive guide to Easter pairings

Date of publication: 16/04/2019

Charming traditions which can be rediscovered at the table: Easter lunch is one of these. Each region has its own typical dishes, linked to festivities and local cuisine. Some prefer a menu with scents of the sea, and some prefer dishes from the land. Whatever Easter menu awaits you, with our definitive pairings guide you can't go wrong!

Pair wine with traditional Easter dishes: the Giordano guide

Fish menu

Guida definitiva per abbinare vino e pesce a Pasqua

A good way to start the festivities at the table during Easter lunch? A good fish stew. Clams and mussels in a hot savoury broth, with tomatoes, peppers, chilli and spices. Delicious and accompanied by toasted bread crostini, it undoubtedly requires an aromatic white of medium structure and able to keep up with the vibrant taste of the dish. Our recommendation? Grillo Sicilia DOC, has achieved balance and delicate acidity, a perfect freshness to dilute the intense character of the chilli pepper.

A first course that harmonises everything? Trofie with tuna ragu The fresh pasta and rich flavour of the sauce, made with fresh tuna meat cut down into cubes, create an alchemy of great elegance. To accompany this delicious first course, we leave the classic and focus on a rosé: choose a light, delicate wine, which offers structure without obscuring the flavours of the dish. Our recommendation? Loris Vino Rosato. It has character, but knows how to remain in the background. Create a classy combination.

A plate of fried fish is the second ideal dish: popular, tasty, with a large variety of colourful and small fish. It is an important dish, rich in taste and demanding. For this reason, pairing it with a sparkling, white or rosé wine is the best choice. A good perlage helps to cleanse the mouth from the fat element, and delicate floral scents contribute to the creation of a deliciously successful wine pairing. Our recommendation? Prosecco, obviously. Partly because any excuse is enough for uncorking a bottle, partly because it is a wine with perfect characteristics to accompany seafood and, in particular, fried fish.

The traditional dessert, a good Colomba. Soft and fragrant, it brings joy to the table. No doubt about the wine: Moscato, the dessert wine par excellence.

Meat menu

Guida definitiva per abbinare vino e carne a Pasqua

Let's play at home: vitello tonnato, a classic Piedmontese appetizer. The veal is boiled together with the vegetables, finely sliced and garnished with a sauce made with mayonnaise, tuna, capers and anchovy fillets. Pairing is especially recommended with a white, in particular Sicilian whites, or a sparkling wine. We can be daring with a more unusual combination, but absolutely worth it: Montepulciano d'Abruzzo DOC. The hint of tannins, not overwhelming, and dry body which isn't too strong give an amazing pairing.

Another speciality that shouldn't be missing from the Easter dinner table is the Torta Pasqualina, a recipe of Ligurian origin, excellent both hot, freshly baked, and cold. A tasty recipe, with vivid flavours, excellent in Spring for the freshness of the ingredients that are in full bloom this season. A Campana alternative? The Casatiello, a robust first course rich with the flavours of everyday life. Pair the Torta Pasqualina with a white or rosé of good structure, not too light; the Casatiello can be paired with both a full-bodied white and a light red. Our recommendation? Lambrusco di Modena DOC: light, sparkling, inspired, perfect to accompany both alternatives!

If you choose a meat menu, giving up lamb can be difficult. A symbol of tradition, with an unmistakable taste. Prepared roasted, baked in the oven with potatoes and herbs, it has been a classic since time immemorial. A medium-structure red, a Syrah or a Cabernet, are the best choice to accompany this dish. Our recommendation? Cabernet Sauvignon.
The velvety finish and notes of red fruits (cherry in particular) are irresistible, and with the tasty and delicate meat of the lamb they create a pairing of rare perfection.

Let's go back to Campania for the dessert: Pastiera Napoletana. The soft pastry and creamy filling create a harmony which is impossible to resist. If the classic Moscato is always a good choice, we can try a less obvious combination and focus on an exclusive sparkling wine from the Giordano catalogue: Provobis. A versatile wine, suitable for accompanying a wide variety of dishes, it finds notes of unique compatibility in desserts made with shortcrust pastry. In short, a toast to try!