Syrah "Terre Siciliane" IGT

Dry red wine


Intense and velvety red wine from the sunny Sicily.

Serving Temperature
Serving Temperature
18°-20 °C

Dark red in colour with deep purple shades, this luscious wine has an intense aroma with hints of mature fruit, derived from the robust Syrah grape.  It is full-bodied, velvety and well-balanced with a final characteristic of spices.

£ 8 .49
1 Bottle   (cod. 8615)
£ 11.32/lt.
Food Matches

It is best matched with savoury and tasty foods, like red meats and flavour-packed soups and is perfect with 
roasts and rich casseroles. 

Red Collection
15 bottles of red wines
£ 84 .90
(cod. 91227)
Dispensa delle feste
12 bottles
£ 69 .90
(cod. 91225)
The Red Wine Selection
15 bottles
£ 79 .00
(cod. 90998)