Spring in the glass: 3 wines for unforgettable toasts

The arrival of Spring brings new fragrances to the cellar: we have chosen 3 exclusive wines that are perfect for welcoming Spring. Here they are.

Spring in the glass: 3 wines for unforgettable toasts

Date of publication: 19/03/2019

The days are getting longer and the air is full of the scents of Spring. Energy is in the air, and the desire to toast with fresh and fragrant wines grows. Our Wine Makers have chosen some perfect labels to welcome the warm weather, 3 wines with a unique character.

Spring in the glass: chosen by Giordano Wine Makers

I vini migliori per brindare alla Primavera

How to choose the right wines to bring the essence of Spring to the table? Our Wine Makers have no doubts. There are 3 characteristics which they must have to complete such a special task.

Aromatic intensity

Colour, bouquet and taste. Three characteristics that must reflect the exciting energy of the most sparkling season of the year.

Versatility and lightness

The perfect wines for Spring must have a great versatility and be able to keep up with the explosion of flavours that characterises the season. Not only: the breadth of taste must reflect a great lightness, a freshness of aromas particularly suitable for toasts in the open air.

A touch of novelty

Spring is an awakening of sensations, scents, light and zest. New vintages, new labels and new flavours are the key elements for giving the glass the best energy for a toast in the company of emotion.

3 wines to welcome Spring

Loris Rosé Wine
Drink Pink: per dare il benvenuto alla Primavera, scegli il Loris Vino rosato

The motto of a real Wine Lover when Spring comes? Drink Pink! It's the season to ask you to bring the most expressive and intense rosé to the table. Just like our brand new Loris Rosé Wine Not a classic rosé, of course: the Loris label can truly be felt! Sensual, exhilarating and of rare aromatic breadth, it manages to amaze with suggestive combinations. The ace up the sleeve of Loris Rosé Wine? A floral bouquet that will remain in your heart!


Want a special dinner? Sushi and Loris Rosé Wine. Be daring with delicious combinations, like Spicy Tuna Maki, and don't be afraid of Wasabi. Our rosé goes very well with spicy dishes.

White Imperante

Novità in casa Giordano: scopri la forza delicata dell'imperante, vino bianco d'Italia

What better way to welcome the new season than with one of Giordano's wines? The Imperante Italian White Wine tells a story of tradition, inspiration and quality. A blend that has nothing to envy of the historical denominations: just a glass is needed to fire up the party, one taste and the aperitif becomes an event to remember. The ace up the sleeve of the Imperante Italian White Wine? Its brightness. How can you resist such a bright and sunny colour?


It's pure ecstasy with Panzanella. If you love experimenting, try the Apulian version with friselle instead of bread. The freshness of the dish and the mineral component of the wine create an irresistible rainbow of flavours.


Una Primavera dolcissima: prova il nuovo Libelia Giordano

There is also space for dessert, and how sweet! Libelia, a partially fermented grape must, is the white you have not been expecting. Delicate aromas, unique lightness, intense and rich floral and fruity tones: in the glass it is a dance of suggestive notes, echoes of honey, acacia flowers and passion fruit. An exciting complexity of inspiration: the Libelia brings to the table a light sweetness, difficult to match. The ace up the sleeve of the Libelia? A freshness that fears no comparison, which together with the aromatic breadth gives combinations to create simply sumptuous harmonies of taste.


Wine and fresh fruit give rise to often very intriguing combinations. Libelia in particular gives real emotion, especially when served with strawberries, peaches and apricots. If you really want to impress, try it with orange juice: 2/3 of wine, 1/3 of juice, the best cocktail to close an aperitif in the name of sweetness.