Partially fermented grape must

Made from specially selected fruits, partially fermented grape must Libelia is a white wine you do not expect. Pleasantly fresh and characterised by intense fruity and floral notes, it wins you over with its persistent and full aroma. Giordano Wine Makers have created the perfect toast: very light, with an alcohol content of only 5%, and delicate, never too overpowering, perfect with desserts and fruit salads.

Serving Temperature
Serving Temperature
6°-8 °C

Libelia reveals itself sip by sip. In the glass, its full and inviting straw-yellow colour shimmers with golden highlights. Acacia flowers and clear hints of honey and passion fruit stand out in the harmonious and broad bouquet. The taste delivers on the promise made by its appearance and aroma: sweet and fruity, fresh and pleasant to drink.

£ 8 .19
  (cod. 8809)
£ 10.92/lt.

Not a wine, not a grape juice: partially fermented grape must offers a third experience, the result of partial vinification.With this technique, the fruit releases strong, concentrated aromas, which, coupled with the low alcohol content, make it a refreshing drink for any occasion.

Food Matches

A good Wine Pairing for Libelia? Seasonal fresh fruit salad, made even better with a scoop of traditional Italian 'fior di latte' or 'crema' gelato. Excellent with pastries, impressive with creamy and structured desserts like tiramisù or cheesecake.


Serving our Libelia at the correct temperature is essential. Always serve between 6°C and 8°C to guarantee the best taste. Unlike finished wines, partially fermented grape must is a more straightforward and simple beverage, thanks to its natural exuberance of flavour combined with freshness and a light body. For this reason, we suggest you savour it first on its own as a thirst-quencher, to explore its pleasant notes, then pair it with desserts later. It will win you over on its own thanks to its expressive richness, and you'll also appreciate its eclectic versatility in Wine Pairings.