Imperante Vino Bianco d'Italia

Dry white wine

The Imperante Vino Bianco d'Italia is a promise of flavour and excitement made by those who have dedicatedly spent years daily working in the cellar to produce wines of absolute quality. Our Wine Makers symbolically bring together the white wines produced in each region, offering scents and aromas of sensual expressive power. Fruity and mineral, the Imperante Vino Bianco d'Italia ideal for those who are always looking to explore new frontiers in wine-making.

Serving Temperature
Serving Temperature
8°-10 °C

Straw yellow, with luminous golden streaks, the nose addresses fruity inspiration of great texture. The bold gestures of fragrant flowers, mulberry and hawthorn above all, stimulate the senses, awakening memories of past seasons and deep aquamarine skies. Its mineral nature is not hidden when tasted, and it reveals blunt and plump fruity hints. Fresh, pleasant and of rare effectiveness, the Imperante Vino Bianco d'Italia is the quintessence of what we are looking for in a well-made white: impeccable balance, without giving up on a bit of personality.

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A table wine permits expert Wine Makers to make choices that a denomination would never allow them to make: free from restrictive regulations, our passionate experts have been able to get the best from selected grapes, combining them harmoniously in a melange that holds its own beside more renowned labels. A properly timed period in the cellar and the correct intake of aromas from musts and fruit, produce a wine that can be impetuous or graceful, depending on the occasion and on pairing.

Food Matches

The Imperante Vino Bianco d'Italia gracefully accompanies seafood cuisine, in particular dishes based on crustaceans or molluscs. It shines alongside a rich and varied sushi dinner, as well as with fusion dishes. It is pure poetry with lamb Souvlaki.


Strange to say, here is a special way to get lost among the notes of our Imperante Vino Bianco d'Italia: sip a glass and taste a Golden Delicious apple. A not particularly sweet fruit, which somehow manages to enhance this wine's aromatic peaks through an excess of impetuosity, especially for those tasting it for the first time.

Vini Premiati
12 bottles
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