How to restock your personal cellar with wines from Giordano

Autumn has arrived: time to prepare your own collection of wine for the new season. Here's how to renew your wine collection with Giordano's suggestions

How to restock your personal cellar with wines from Giordano

Date of publication: 24/09/2019

In summer, we were uncorking chilled white and rosé wines: with the arrival of autumn, it is time to renew your collection to get ready for the toasts that lie ahead. With the harvest still underway, new vintages and new wines are slowly taking shape: a good time to take advantage of end-of-season sales and discover (or rediscover) fine, unique and evocative labels.

Here are some tips to refurbish your personal cellar and be a true Wine Lover this autumn!

Renew your wine cellar with the convenience of Giordano

A large and constantly updated catalogue

Scopri il nostro catalogo, scopri l'ampia offerta di vini Giordano

How should you choose the best wines for your cellar? Simple: browse our catalogue, search for the wines that come closest to your personal taste and take advantage of our discounts. The Promo category always offers a wide range of wines at low and inviting prices, with their quality guaranteed by your favourite online cellar.

Delicious specialities to make your table special

Specialità golose per stuzzicanti momenti di piacere a tavola

A good wine tasting has rules to be followed, but also pleasures to be paired with the wine: take a look at our mouth-watering specialities, choose those little touches of flavour that will enrich your table and be prepared to enjoy new and exciting experiences with your favourite wines.

More than 100 years of winemaking

Facciamo vino da quasi 120 anni: fidati della nostra esperienza

Giordano has meant great wine for more than 100 years. For us, wine is something special, part of the family. Experience has taught us to improve and grow, always concentrating on the factors that contribute to delivering quality, guaranteed and inspired wines from our cellar. Relying on us means trusting people who believe in what they are doing, and who, above all, love wine with as much passion as you do.

Three wines to try

Do you want to try something new, a bottle to transport you to a wine territory that you do not know yet? Here are 3 suggestions:

3 vini Giordano da tenere in Cantina per l'Autunno che verrà

Dolcetto “Costafiore” DOCG

Even the most beautiful stories must come to an end, and this year we will say goodbye to the Dolcetto "Costafiore". A red that, for us, has represented identity and tradition for many years; one last vintage, 2018, and then we said goodbye to those rows of vines which, for generations, looked over our Cellars. If you have never tried it, take advantage of it now: an extraordinary red, of great aromatic breadth, balanced in tannins and characterised by a colour that inspires passion.

Puglia IGT Rosso BIO

Torricella offers an organic red of great charm – enveloping and full-bodied. The Puglia IGT Red BIO has great substance, as you can tell from the first glance: the sensual depth of colour, the winking purple reflections, a chromatic intensity that seduces and captivates. A perfect accompaniment to the flavours of the territory, such as the exquisite orecchiette pasta from Puglia.

Pinot Grigio delle Venezie DOC

Even in autumn, a white can be the right choice, if it has the unique glow of our Pinot Grigio delle Venezie DOC. A Venetian wine that is the voice of tradition and territorial inspiration: delicate in colour, light and bright, floral and fruity, with an ample and stimulating bouquet, and harmonious and soft in the mouth. A wine of class, perfect for special occasions.

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