Flavours of Autumn: five things to do, discover and taste!

Welcome back autumn! The cooler season is around the corner, so here are five suggestions for flavours, curiosities and marvellous places to discover so you can make the most of the autumnal weather.

Date of publication: 20/09/2018

Even if memories of days at the beach are still fresh, we must start to wrap our heads around the fact that autumn is upon us. A veil of melancholy is normal, like every year: the days get shorter, the temperatures drop and we have to say goodbye to aperitifs in the garden with friends…But how do we get rid of these sad feelings? It’s simple: by thinking about how much beauty the season to come has to offer.

And if you’re in need of a few pointers, here are five things to do, discover and taste to experience autumn to the full!

Five things to do, discover and taste in Autumn

1 – Truffle season

Autunno, tempo di tartufo! Prova i Tajarin alla Fiera del Tartufo Bianco di Alba

Gourmet friends, lovers of good food, tireless enthusiasts of the most inviting traditional cooking, listen up and take note: the International Alba White Truffle Fair opens its doors on October 6th. There will be no lack of opportunities to savour local delicacies, to see spectacular historical re-enactments and to visit the Langhe area dressed in autumnal colours.

What to do

Go to Alba and get lost amongst the magic colours of the surrounding hills, starting on October 6th!

Not to be missed 

October 20th, the Truffle Baccanale. Historical re-enactment and open-air restaurant. To discover (or rediscover) the most authentic flavours and traditions of Piedmont.

To taste 

Tajarin al tartufo (Tagliolini with white truffle), without a shadow of a doubt! And to accompany it, our Barbera d’Asti DOCG Collection is an excellent candidate

2 – Home-made jams and preserves!

Autunno, stagione delle confetture e delle conserve fatte in casa

You don’t even need to leave the house: when the temperature is cooler and the fruit and vegetables are just ripe, it’s the perfect moment to make home-made jams and preserves. Dust off your grandmother’s secret recipe, the method perfected by your mother, or the one you’ve read and taken note of…Turn on the stove and prepare to cook the most tantalising delicacies!

What to do

Home-made jams and preserves

Not to be missed

Tomato sauce, a real Italian classic

To taste

Whenever you want, after your chosen recipe’s suggested rest time

3 – Off we go!

Autunno, alla scoperta di luoghi incantevoli e sapori indimenticabili

A weekend away can do wonders for your state of mind, as well as treating your eyes to simply breath-taking views and landscapes. The possibilities are endless: an Italian village waiting to be discovered, a European capital to explore, or even a long journey to the other side of the world in search of a more favourable climate. So where will you go this autumn?

What to do

Pack your bags and go on an adventure!

Not to be missed

Munich – combine the discovery of an ever-fascinating city with the exuberance of Oktoberfest!

To taste

A good beer, maybe even artisanal!

4 – Fruit feast

Autunno, Novello e castagne

Here’s something that is good for the body and the soul: a fruit feast! Who said the arrival of colder seasons reduces the possibility of eating fruit? On the contrary: apples, pears, chestnuts, grapes, citrus fruits…a whole world of flavours awaits you, not only does it bring a smile to your face but it keeps you healthy too.

What to do 

Enjoy the sugary flavours and benefits of fruit with abandon

Not to be missed

Chestnuts, for example in Massimo Visconti (near Lake Maggiore) there is Chestnut festival on October 7th

To taste

A little patience and the Novello wine will arrive!

5 – A special dinner, with special people

Autunno, condividere sapori speciali con persone speciali

Now that the weather allows it, you can finally light up the wood oven and bake delicious pizzas, or cook all those specialities that you had been dying to make. The days are cooler, so it’s a pleasure to stay in the kitchen. Choose the menu, and experience the warmth of a special evening with the dearest of friends!

What to do

Pick a date, decide upon a menu, treat your loved ones and yourself to a dinner inspired by autumn flavours

Not to be missed

A date with an exquisite wild boar ragu, with your preferred pasta shape.

To taste

A robust and flavourful second course like a roasted shank. Top it off with a Chianti…it will be sensational!

Photo credit: micurs on Visualhunt.com / CC BY-SA