Sale 2018: 7 wines to have in your cellar when Autumn arrives

The sudden weather changes are a clear sign that the Summer is almost over: as the beautiful season comes to an end, the sales period begins! Find out how to replenish your cellar for the Autumn months, saving money without giving up on quality

Sale 2018: 7 wines to have in your cellar when Autumn arrives

Date of publication: 05/09/2018

Who said you have to throw yourself into the high street crowds to take advantage of the 2018 sale season? Buying online is increasingly safer and more convenient, and the quality of available products is definitely on par with that of traditional stores. Even when it comes to wine!

While work is underway in the vineyards, and we’re getting ready for the new vintages of our favourite wines, it’s a good idea to get a head start and prepare the cellar for the arrival of Autumn. Yes, it’s true: thinking about it brings a little melancholy, especially considering we were (almost) all on holiday just a few days ago… but getting started now is a smart move if you want your cellar to be ready for the cold season!

Are you looking for a true connoisseur’s recommendations? Here are 7 wines that must be in the cellar of any wine enthusiast.

7 must-haves for your Autumn cellar

1 - Montepulciano d’Abruzzo

Montepulciano d'Abruzzo DOC, must have in cantina per l'Autunno

If you’ve been captivated by ‘arrosticini’ (meat skewers) during the Summer and the smell of barbecue is still an appetising memory, pick a red wine that can evoke those same strong, irresistible sensations. Want an excellent example? Montepulciano d’Abruzzo: a small gem from a small region full of stunning landscapes and famous for its fine food and wine. A must-have when you serve rich traditional dishes, especially when the days start getting shorter and leave space for more elaborate and richer meals than the ones you tasted throughout the summer.

2 - Malvasia Pinot Grigio Puglia IGT

Malvasia Pinot Grigio Puglia IGT, must have in cantina per l'Autunno

When you miss the warm caress of July’s sunshine, uncork this great wine from the Apulian tradition. You will already sense it from its colour, golden and shiny like a summer day; you will feel it in the scents it evokes, reminiscent of Mediterranean flavours and landscapes of rare beauty. Its aroma has an echo of peaches, apricots and floral notes. Keep it in your cellar for special dinners and unforgettable moments for two.

3 - Soave Doc

Soave DOC, must have in cantina per l'Autunno

Sometimes, we stumble upon something that shakes and overtakes us. A special trait, an unexpected surprise, an overwhelming emotion: a white wine with great character, the one you do not expect, a product like Soave DOC. This DOC from Verona takes you on a sensual journey through floral notes (hawthorn, violet, and elderberry) and a delicate aroma of vanilla. It conquers the hearts of all wine lovers with its almond aftertaste, which softens the sweetness into a round, enveloping sensation. Excellent with fish, shellfish and pasta dishes. A must-have for your cellar because of its eclectic soul, which shines through in equal measure when paired with complex dishes or quick, appetising street food.

4 - Primitivo Manduria DOC 2016

Primitivo di Manduria DOC, must have in cantina per l'Autunno

Once upon a time, there was an arid and cold land, a forgotten place devoid of flavour and pleasure. It all changed when Primitivo di Manduria came along! Primitivo di Manduria breaks through all resistance to ignite passion, balancing the cold sensations of a harsh Autumn and dispersing the melancholy, even in the gloomiest of evenings. A hero of the international wine scene, Primitivo di Manduria DOC is a wine you must always keep in your cellar: the right occasion (or excuse) to open it won’t take long to arrive!

5 - Vermentino Terre Siciliane IGT

Vermentino Terre Siciliane IGT, must have in cantina per l'Autunno

The sunshine glimmering on the surface of the wind-rippled sea… Can you still remember it? That golden spark, shiny and luminous, is a reminder of holidays, beaches, relaxation and simply the feeling of wellbeing that sometimes feels distant and unreachable, especially when the sun sets early and you need a coat or jacket to leave the house. How do you survive the onset of nostalgia that a memory like this evokes? By uncorking a white wine that embodies the full spirit of the Mediterranean! Vermentino Terre Siciliane IGT is delicate and rich in light, fruity aromatic notes. Its light, straw-yellow colour is crossed by suggestive golden reflections. Complex flavour, with a proud aromatic profile that is not afraid of comparisons. You should have it in your cellar to conquer those who are suspicious of white wines, and to accompany finger food ‘apericena’ (happy hour) while watching a match.

6 - Esclusivo Rosato Etichetta Oro

Esclusivo Etichetta Oro Rosato Puglia IGT, must have in cantina per l'Autunno

Sometimes, you need a label in your cellar that can reflect the colours and sensations of all the seasons, a wine that knows how to have a dialogue with time and create a sense of continuity loaded with colours and charm. Rose-tinged sunrises, sunsets brushed with flaming oranges, the pink hues of an Autumn sky overlooking the spectacle of Autumn leaves: Esclusivo Gold Label Rosato Puglia IGT can paint a moving picture with its colour suspended between intense and light pink.

The surface reflections are accompanied by the scent of face powder, violet, black cherry and wild violet. Glorious when paired with sea urchin spaghetti, a true gourmet experience. A rosé wine for your table when you have something important to announce, or want to celebrate a special moment.

7 - Rosé Extra Dry Millesimato

Rosé Vino Spumante Millesimato, must have in cantina per l'Autunno

No true enthusiast’s cellar can be complete without a bubbly wine, the thrill of the sparkle and the fine chatter of effervescence that tastes like celebration. Choose an unusual sparkling wine, Rosé Extra Dry Millesimato: not a classic, not too eccentric, but pleasant and balanced. It adds the same flavour to a November toast as it would a garden aperitif in May. It always finds its place, and redefines its boundaries between one toast and the next. Get your guests’ glasses clinking with this wine, when you want to block out all thoughts and worries and gift others (and yourself) a moment of relaxation and fun.

Photo credit: Nighthawk_85 on / CC BY-SA

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