Organising a drinks party at home? Finger foods and wines for a guaranteed success!

A quick aperitif, simple but delicious recipes, the right wines for the occasion, and the job is one: a drinks party at home can become the trendiest event! Discover our suggestions for a guaranteed success

Organising a drinks party at home? Finger foods and wines for a guaranteed success!

Date of publication: 25/05/2018

A drinks party is one of the most popular events for spending a pleasant evening with friends: if the location is your home, the conviviality will be even greater! There’s no need to panic: for a successful drinks party, a few touches are enough – such as some delicious canapés and fresh and inviting drinks. Are you planning to organise your first society event at home? We’re here to help!

Aperitif Time: your homemade drinks party in 7 points

7 regole per un Aperitivo di successo

1 - Prepare the setting

Little touches of colour and homemade decorations can transform your kitchen into a trendy location: you don’t need to overdo it, or paint the walls in gaudy colours! Simple hand-crafted place-names, postcards arranged in strategic places, a painting leaning against a wall to give a minimal and modern look: let yourself be inspired by the atmosphere you want to create during the evening, and make a few simple decorations in a short amount of time.

2 - Let’s rock!

You can’t fail with music. Prepare a playlist: even your smartphone is adequate for creating a light and relaxing musical background. Better to put aside your passion for heavy metal on occasions such as this one!

3 - Favours for your guests

Looking for a touch to spoil your guests? Place a dish of rolled serviettes on the table: if you moisten these and heat them in the microwave before presenting them to your guests, you can surprise them with a moment of delicious comfort!

Tutto quello che occorre per un aperitivo di successo: ecco i consigli firmati Giordano!

4 - Begin the dancing with a rosé and…

Put your guests at ease by opening up a rosé and serving parmesan clouds: want to know how to cook them? They’re extremely easy: mix two egg whites (without beating them), add salt, pepper and grated parmesan cheese. Pass a spoonful of the mixture through a plate of rice flour, then fry in boiling oil. Once drained, dry with kitchen paper. Open up a sparkling rosé, a Rosé Millesimato Extra Dry: fruity, fresh, carefree, and much more than a simple wine!

5 - Word of the day: variety

Consider that you may discover unexpected tastes in your guests: maybe one has turned vegan, another is going through a vegetarian period, while another is rediscovering the tastes of tradition. Prepare a simple salad of spelt, peas and mint; choose local cheeses and cured meats, and arrange these in slices on a wooden cutting board; amaze your guests with little frittatas and single-portion quiches. Let yourself be guided by your creativity and the inspiration of the moment. And as a fail-safe, uncork a Prosecco: versatile, sparkling, perfumed and irresistible!

6 - Single-portion dishes are better

Yes, it’s true: single-portion dishes do entail a little more work at the preparation stage and in setting up your drinks party at home. But serving your delicacies in fun cups or mini single-portion dishes will give your guests the impression that they are in the presence of a real chef. Don’t believe us? On your first occasion…try it! The compliments of your guests will unequivocally confirm your success in the kitchen!

7 - Choose the right moment to bring your best dish to the table

Don’t serve up your secret weapon at the start of the event: allow the ice to break, and your guests to enjoy the delicious canapés on offer…and then, when the moment seems right, bring out your secret weapon, the dish with which you have conquered the most refined palates, the traditional recipe that has made you famous among friends and family alike! At this point – and not before – you should uncork a Sauvignon Il Vinré: this is a prestigious wine that combines and harmonises the freshness of Sauvignon with the complex character of a white with great pedigree.

Now you have everything you need to organise an evening to remember: share your photos of your drinks party with the hashtag #GiordanoTime!