Wines for the Summer: The Top 5 from Giordano!

The start of the hot summer season triggers the desire to party with friends and there are now more opportunities than ever to uncork our favourite wines! Need any suggestions? Here are the Top 5 Giordano wines, perfect for summer.

Wines for the Summer: The Top 5 from Giordano!

Date of publication: 27/06/2018

Welcome Summer! The sun and heat have kept us company for a few days now and we have entered the most exciting season of the year. Some of you are preparing for their special holidays; others might have a little while longer to show off their swimsuits while others among you will be dedicating themselves to their passions. There are also a few of you who will start to celebrate with friends with a little toast on the terrace or in the garden.

No matter how you choose to welcome summer, it is important to choose the right wines to uncork! Here are our tips: 5 perfect labels to get the party going.

Summer Wines: The Top 5 Giordano


Top 5 vini Giordano per l'estate: Prosecco

The first one is easy to choose… and there will hardly be any complaints! Prosecco is the soul of the party and a versatile and appetising wine. Perfect with aperitifs or gluttonous finder food, Prosecco alone shines with a range of irresistible sensations but comes into its own in a cocktail for a simply irresistible combination. It is the Alvaro Soler of our summer parties: an undisputed protagonist year after year, amazing every time a flute is raised. Need something extra but absolutely mandatory to bring out its character? Mortadella Bologna PGI or some sage leaves in batter. Try them and thank us!

Lambrusco di Modena DOC

Top 5 vini Giordano per l'Estate: Lambrusco di Modena DOC

Know that thrill running down your spine when the party comes alive? It’s sudden, contagious and irresistible: just like the Lambrusco di Moden DOC - a sparkling red, light, carefree and inviting wine! If you think it’s devoid of personality, carry out this simple test: pour a glass, raise it to your lips and close your eyes. The first scene to hit you will be completely unexpected for a red: purple. It can be sensational if you want to make a trend out of it: serve it with octopus salad served in single-dose glasses, or if you really want to come away with a real iconoclastic performance, bring Lambrusco lollies to the table. You choose the way and Lambrusco will lead you to success!

Raggiante Rosato

Top 5 vini Giordano per l'Estate: il nostro esclusivo Raggiante Rosato

Over the years, the rosés have carved out a crucial slice of wine enthusiasts: they are not longer considered merely entertaining wines in the oenological field, almost a distraction from other, more noble labels. Rosé wines have earned their place in the sun and with merit. Our winemakers, ever so careful to grasp the recommendations and stimuli of our fans, have produced Raggiante Rosato. It covers, on the one hand, the demand for something new, and on the other, the willingness to respect a tradition like ours that is rooted in wine. The result demands respect: Raggiante Rosato preserves the characteristics aromas of the grapes with a wide and fruity spectrum while easily combining softness and elegance. Prawn cocktail pairs perfectly with this wine but for chromatic continuity and for the harmony it successfully brings out between glass and dish.

Langhe Arneis DOC

Top 5 vini Giordano per l'Estate: Langhe Arneis DOC

Let’s move on to a white that speaks Piedmontese: Langhe Arneis DOC. If you want to offer an elegant wine of extraordinary finesse, your choice should fall on this wine. If taste is not enough, attempt to tell the story of this native Piedmontese vine: fragile and delicate, once abandoned just for the uncertain fate of the harvest, it has been rediscovered in recent years thanks to new methods and modern technologies and is flourishing again. This vine preserves those peculiar characteristics that render it a protagonist amongst Piedmontese whites. If you’re on a diet, stop reading here: otherwise reach for some tominio cheese for a real treat.

Soave DOC

Top 5 vini per l'Estate: Soave DOC

Veneto contributes to our list with a historical white from its territory, cultivated and appreciated in particular in the Verona area. Whether its a good aperitif with friends; a fusion of aperitifs and dinner in the open air; or dinner just two steps away from the sea, the frame might change but the emotion is also overwhelming. Let your glass fill with a cocktail of perfumes. Enjoy the fullness of the aromatic landscape. Breathe slowly and catch the evocative citrus notes and inevriating floral peaks. Want to give you summer an international touch? Prepare some Smørrebrød – toasted rye bread, a thin layer of butter and your favourite topping. Got other ideas for a fusion? Fresh inspiration always comes in handy!

Ready for summer? Choose your favourite wines and live it to the full!

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