Dolcetto "Costafiore" Diano d’Alba DOCG

Dry red wine


The Dolcetto Costafiore Diano d’Alba DOCG is an expression of territory and tradition: Diano d'Alba is the smallest denomination of the Dolcetto, a classic red from Piedmont, and the Costafiore is our tribute to this historical label. Just a short distance from the famous Giordano Winery in Valle Talloria, on the steep slopes that lead to Diano d'Alba, you will find the sun-drenched lands, known as "Sori" in local dialect, where these sweet grapes are cultivated. The sweetness of this grape is what gives the wine its name - Dolcetto. A strong, dry, and pleasantly tannic wine: a small but strong emotion which we proudly bottle harvest after harvest.

Serving Temperature
Serving Temperature
18 °C

Intense ruby red colour, as fascinating and impenetrable as the curtains drawn across the stage before the start of a show. Intense violet reflexes give the Dolcetto Costafiore Diano d’Alba DOCG a royal appearance in the wine glass. It has a fresh, vinous bouquet, accentuated by nuances of berries in the fullness of their expressive ripeness. The grand finale offers almond impressions, sustained by an marked tannic structure that is never overpowering.

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Food Matches

The Dolcetto is the most popular wine in our region, thanks to a widespread distribution in the Langhe area, and to the exquisite coupling with Langhe cuisine. Try it with the Giardiniera, a typical Piedmont entrée, with cured meats, and with beef and veal dishes. A paring that never fails? Mushroom risotto.

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It may appear to be a negligible extra in a story with obvious strong points in other places, but the exposure of the vineyard has no small influence on the character of the wine. For this reason the Costafiore Sori, blessed with a favourable climate and the benevolent gaze of the sun, imprint an accomplished and expressive spirit into the wine. Add to the natural environmental conditions all of the love and passion that have developed in the hearts of our expert winemakers over 100 years, and that they now pour into their daily work: constant attention to the foliage, manual harvesting, careful selection of the grapes, inspired wine-making... all small details that contribute to the creation of a good wine with a great personality.


Don't let the name Dolcetto Costafiore Diano d’Alba DOCG fool you: it is not a sweet wine! It was named for the particularly sweet pulp of the grape variety of the same name, or maybe it derives from the Piedmont term "dosset", which means low-lying hill. An excellent table wine in our region, it also stands out on special occasions. Not a classic red, but a red that will astonish you: the Costafiore is a truly luxurious Dolcetto!

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