Giordano wines, excellent and award winning

Prestigious international wine contests and excellent evaluations from the sensory analyst Luca Maroni: Giordano wines obtained outstanding results, and are waiting to amaze you!

Giordano wines, excellent and award winning

Date of publication: 06/07/2018

What makes a good wine? There are a number of criteria that have to be met, not least of which being an official recognition of quality from a panel of judges at an international competition. For many years Giordano Wines have participated in prestigious wine competitions, and have always stood out for their particular characteristics. But the quality of our wine does not shine through only in competitions: Luca Maroni, an important name in the world of Italian wine-making, has given our wines honourable mention and awarded them top scores reserved only for champions.

Giordano, excellent evaluations and international awards

How the most important international wine competitions work

Come funzionano i principali concorsi enologici internazionali

Wine is a serious matter: to ensure the respect that is deserves, important national and international organisations collaborate to establish very strict criteria which will then be used to evaluate the wines and attribute final scores. As a general rule, international events use three main criteria for evaluating wine.

1 - Unidentified samples

The wines that are entered into a competition are generally despatched in packaging that is free of any identifying features. The bottles are not labelled, but in certain cases they may carry information regarding the variety and the origin of the sample. This method was introduced so as to avoid any possible bias: a well- established, well-known and generally well-standing label could influence the judges' opinion of a wine. If the wine is in favour with the tasting panel, they could be too generous in their evaluation, while on the other hand they could be excessively strict if they do not appreciate the wine for reasons other than the quality of the product.

2 - Panel of experts

Wines are tasted by experts from the wine-making sector: the tasting panels are often numerous, heterogeneous, and international. Judges are all wine experts around the world with very impressive résumés. Tasting sessions are always "blind" in that the judges do not know who made the wine that they are tasting. Judging may require more than one tasting session: the higher the number of samples to evaluate, the more time is needed to choose the best. How many samples are we talking about? Sometimes even thousands of wines!

3 - Low ratio of awards in relation to the products entered in the competition

When a sample reaches the glass of a tasting panel and passes the first selection phase, it is given a score. Scales of values and attribution criteria may vary from one competition to another, but the prizes are based on common score bands which guarantee that a prize is awarded. For example: a hypothetical international competition could use a 1-100 value scale. To qualify for a bronze medal, the wine has to achieve a score of between 70 and 79 points, for a silver medal between 80 and 89 points, and for a gold medal between 90 and 100 points. From all of the samples submitted for evaluation, only 20% will be awarded a medal. If more than 20% reach the final phase, only those which excel in terms that go beyond their score will be selected.

Luca Maroni, sensory analyst

Luca Maroni, analisi sensoriale del vino

For some time, Luca Maroni, an important name in the world of Italian wine-making, has been building a detailed catalogue of the best wines that leave Italian cellars every year. In his yearbook he evaluates and selects hundreds of products, season after season, attributing a score out of 100 according to a method that he himself developed.

The 3 parameters of pleasantness

According to Luca Maroni, a good wine is a wine that exhibits a good balance between three basic quality parameters: Consistency, Balance, and Integrity. Each of these parameters must be balanced and distinct. Consistency, in this case, is the overall character of a wine, the soul of a wine: a consistent wine has colour, flavour, aroma, and is very expressive and distinct on the palate. Balance refers to the relationship between the sweetness (or smoothness) of the wine and its acidity / bitterness: the former must always be greater than the sum of the latter characteristics. The integrity of a wine refers to the fact that the flavour of the fruit from which it was made can be clearly perceived, in other words it is the absence of flavours that do not come from the original grape. Not in absolute terms, but when you take your first sip. Each of these three characteristics is given a score of up to 33 points. The sum of these three characteristics determines the final score that Luca Maroni gives to the wine.

Giordano Wines, our masterpieces

Now that you know how the most important international wine competitions work, and how Luca Maroni evaluates wine, why not put our best labels to the test!

Esclusivo 'Gold Label' Puglia IGT Rosso

Esclusivo Etichetta Oro Puglia Rosso

"A wonderfully concentrated wine: harmonious, well-balanced flavour. Its intensity amplifies its eloquence. It has an exceptionally clean taste and clear aroma"

Worthy of 84/100 points at the 2018 Berliner Wein Trophy, this jewel of the Giordano cellar in Torricella accompanies the typical fragrance of grapes with strong flavours resulting from ageing in oak barrels. Majestic.

Chardonnay Salento IGT Esclusivo 'Gold Label'

Esclusivo Etichetta Oro Chardonnay Salento IGT

"Smoothness and eloquence with a full body. Dense, enveloping, fragrant. An excellent wine"

A sensual and fragrant white, scoring 93/100 Luca Maroni points. Its Salentine origins give it character, fragrance, and an unforgettable flavour. Silky on the palate, like a rich cloth. Pair with octopus salad or lemon and dill-marinated salmon. Astounding.

Rosé Vino Spumante Millesimato

Rosé Vino Spumante Millesimato

"The candidly expressive character of this wine is defined by its gentle perlage and the constant dialogue between the notes of orange and raspberry. Limpid and sensual. The result of exemplary wine-making".

Timeliness in the wine-making process gives this wine a unique range of expression, which offers exquisite moments of pleasure with each sip. Perfect for summer, a remarkable rosé. Sparkling.

Eventus Bianco

Eventus Bianco

"The aroma of this wine stands out for its fragrance, and the abundance of extracts intensifies the perception of balance in its flavour. A white wine with exceptionally smooth expressions".

Modern, versatile, and unusual: an unexpected white wine, capable of winning over even the most demanding connoisseurs. An exclusive Giordano catalogue wine, the Eventus lives up to its promise of a well-structured, inspired and rich bouquet. Silver medal at the Vinalies Internationales competition in Paris. Unforgettable.

Primitivo di Manduria DOC

Primitivo di Manduria DOC

"A full-bodied, harmonious wine that envelops the palate despite the strong tannins. Creamy mulberry together with a persisting, strong aroma of sweet oak spices".

Simply Primitivo: captures the essence of a powerfully expressive variety, releasing a provocative blend of fruity and spicy aromas and fragrances in your glass. Winner of a Bronze Medal at the London International Wine Challenge, this wine will add lustre to your table, boldly seducing even the most authentic Wine Lovers. Monumental.