Chardonnay Salento IGT Esclusivo "Gold Label"

Dry white wine


The wine is made in our winery at Torricella in the province of Taranto, using perfectly ripe grapes.The result is a pleasant, quaffable wine with all of the elegance and “finesse” that one would expect from such a noble wine.

Serving Temperature
Serving Temperature
10°-12 °C

A full straw yellow with beautifully bold and consistent golden hues. The bouquet is accompanied by tropical fruits with delicate hints of pineapple, passion fruit and banana, but with an enchanting base of citrus.  It is full on the palate, soft and enveloping but with a crisp acidity that gives it a perfect balance. The aftertaste is excellent and echoes the nose. It is an important wine but at the same time pleasant and extremely quaffable.

£ 8 .79
Dry white wine   (cod. 8643)
£ 11.72/lt.
Food Matches

Chardonnay Salento Giordano is ideal with cold appetizers, fish dishes and poultry as well as with light, summer cuisine. Chardonnay is also excellent as an aperitif.

Cellar in White
12 bottles
£ 64 .90
(cod. 47749)