Berlin Wine Trophy, Giordano conquers Germany

A classic competition for the best wines of the old continent: in Berlin our wine cellars collected 3 gold medals.

Berlin Wine Trophy, Giordano conquers Germany

Date of publication: 24/02/2017

A long-awaited and renowned event at international level, the Berlin Wine Trophy recently concluded with important recognitions for us: 3 gold medals for as many Giordano wines.


Berlin Wine Trophy: record numbers for a captivating event

Placed under the patronage of the OIV (the International Organisation for the Vine and for Wine) and the UIOE (Unione Internationale des Oenologues, the International Union of Oenologists), Berlin hosted one of the greatest international tasting events. The seven criteria with which the wines are judged ensure that less than a third of the champions presented by companies reach the prize distribution stage. The prestigious recognitions (bronze, silver and gold medals) are coveted trophies for the winemakers, cellar masters and producers who are awarded with one.

Every year around 10,700 wines are subjected to the unyielding judgement of a strict and prepared jury. A huge number of bottles, difficult even to imagine! Among this mountain of labels, our wines won 3 gold medals.

Più di 10.700 degustazioni al Berliner Wein Trophy

Chardonnay Salento 2016 Organic, “Ricarico” 2016 – Rosso Salento IGT and “Ricarico Prestige” Rosso Puglia 2015: champions of quality, great protagonists of Italian winemaking. Vinificated at our production establishment in Puglia, these three wines are cared for at every stage of production, until they become true masterpieces of winemaking.

In our catalogue you will find only the Chardonnay Salento 2016 Organic. “Ricarico” 2016 – Rosso Salento IGT and “Ricarico Prestige” Rosso Puglia 2015 are, on the other hand, only available through Giordano Export, the B2B division which, through wide distribution, is engaged in taking our wines to markets which we do not currently serve, with direct sales operations: our most representative labels reach new countries and establish themselves, as in Berlin, thanks to the quality that has always characterised them.

Would you like to drink with us? Uncork a bottle of Chardonnay Salento 2016 Bio: drink to shared success, to the success of your Giordano Wine Cellars!

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