The Giordano Cellar in Torricella, passion and wine

Discover the land surrounding our cellar in Torricella: you can breathe the magic of Puglia at every step. Here wine is made with passion thanks to a thousand year old tradition.

The Giordano Cellar in Torricella, passion and wine

Date of publication: 01/06/2017

Wine in Italy is not only a daily pleasure, but also the expression of a century old form of art. Taste refines itself with experience, and the search for better products continues. Giordano Wines has always been a synonym of passion. The experience of our cellars and wine-experts has guaranteed a constant growth in the years, and the desire to explore new wine-growing areas in 1998, led us to Puglia with our new establishment. In Salento to be precise, the ideal place to study the excellence of the south in depth, and make wine.

Puglia, a trip into Beauty

La Cantina Giordano in Puglia: una regione magica e rigogliosa

It is difficult to explain Puglia: it isn’t just a region, but a place of the soul. One of those landscapes that go straight from your eyes to your heart. The perfume of its nature is alluring, complexed and articulated. Its colours compose moving paintings, sensitive to the changing of the seasons. They go from the soft greens of Spring, to the gold in the fields, to the more opaque and timid colour of the olive tree leaves, to the crystal clear light blue of the sea.

Wine, the expression of a land with many souls

Our Cellars in Piedmont speak the language of Italian wine: each phase during their making, refinement and aging, accompanies the wines along their path to maturity so they can express themselves at their best. But there are some vines and grapes that need to be nurtured in their land of origin, varietal plants that are so specific that can express themselves at best only when immersed in the environment in which they matured and grew.

La Cantina Giordano in Puglia: il Salento e la ricca produzione enoica del mezzogiorno

Torricella was a choice guided by this consideration: the best wines of the South, in the best possible setting. It’s in the Torricella Cellars that year after year our experts select the best grapes and the most genuine flavours of the land. The Primitivo di Manduria DOC 2015 "Collection", authentic expression of Puglia, gives prestige to our Cellars: robust, with character, impetuous and round. White Puglia wines are refreshing and perfumed, like the Chardonnay Salento 2016, produced only with certified organic grapes. The fragrance of exotic fruit and flowers evoke the sparkling air of lands caressed by the sea, where the heat of torrid summers are mitigated by gentle breezes that come from the coast.  Impressions become more delicate and refreshing in the glass, with the extremely pleasant Rosato Puglia 2016. A rare label that expresses a different way of interpreting the Primitivo: softer and more casual, but still appreciable, and with a clear taste.

But not all our production can be traced back to just one area: many sources of inspiration can lead a wine lover to choose the wines of surrounding lands. Sicily, for example, offers a rich catalogue of wines: browse among the prestigious wines of the Terre Siciliane line, and let its century old tradition inspire you.

For Giordano Wines, the Torricella Cellar represents a window on the world of wines from the South. The land chosen for the nectar of life ever since Magna Graecia more than 2500 years ago. The experience, tradition and passion in every one of our labels is ready to occupy an important place on your table every time you like.