Waiting for Spring: the best pairings for your favourite Giordano wines

The days are slowly getting longer and the temperatures milder: an early spring that makes us want to uncork fresh and fragrant wines! Here are our suggestions for how best to serve them

Waiting for Spring: the best pairings for your favourite Giordano wines

Date of publication: 18/02/2019

After the snowfalls and the cold that Winter had for us, we are ready to welcome the Spring. It is a way off, for sure, but with days like those we are having it costs nothing to dream! To create the right mood (even at the table), we have chosen 5 special wines for you, and 5 perfect pairings with which to enhance their characteristics.

Here they are exclusively for you!

The best pairings for your favourite Giordano wines!

1 – Merlot

Merlot Giordano e una selezione di affettati e formaggi italiani

Starting with a red is not a sin, even when it comes to Spring! It's still necessary to shake off the chills and annoyances of the winter that has just passed. Merlot, an international vintage that was perfectly acclimatized in Italy for a long time, succeeds in this enterpise. Strong hints of ripe fruit capture the nose, whilst the intense colour intrigues from the first glance. This is a wine with structured tannins, with an intense and persistent taste. How to pair it? With a platter of Italian cold cuts and cheeses! Here are our suggestions: Prosciutto San Daniele PDO, Motzetta from Val d'Aosta, Mortadella di Bologna of Gran Ducato PGI and black pork Salami from the Nebrodi, these are the cold cuts to try. We add 3 cheeses to be fully savoured: Grana Padano DOP, Caciocavallo Silano DOP and Pecorino Sardo DOP.

2 – Oltrepò Pavese Riesling DOC

Riesling Oltrepò Pavese e tagliatelle Alfredo

A new label for our Riesling, a tribute to Oltrepò Pavese and its great wines. The scent of citrus and the hints of peach are a promise of freshness and liveliness, the taste is pure and clean, sapid and mineral. A sip of Spring! Riesling loves to be paired with not too intense dishes, especially light first courses and fresh cheeses. A good wine pairing? With Fettuccine Alfredo! A dish that is well-known in the USA, although less so at our latitudes, this is very easy to prepare: cook the fettuccine (or other fresh pasta shapes or our Tajarin) in boiling water, then toss in a pan with a knob of butter and a couple of spoons of cooking water. Add grated Parmesan, mix and serve. Delicious!

3 – Esclusivo "Gold Label" Rosato Puglia IGT

Tonno di coniglio in vasocottura per il nostro Esclusivo Rosato Etichetta Ora IGT

Red, white and rosé: with our first three proposals we gave Spring all the colours of wine! An important Rosé is our Exclusive Rosato Puglia IGT Gold Label. Produced in Torricella, it has all the overwhelming character of the wines of Puglia, combined with an expressive delicacy that is typical of the best rosé wines. Soft and harmonious structure, has a fruity vein in the finish that anticipates closure on nicely bitter hints. A wine so complete and expressive deserves a special pairing: we suggest you to serve it with Tonno di coniglio in vasocottura (tuna-style marinated rabbit.) A particular culinary method that is quick and ideal for preserving the properties and peculiarity of the selected ingredients, the vasocottura will render the strips of rabbit tasty and soft and, together with the Rosato Puglia, will create intriguing chemistry;

4 – Lambrusco di Modena DOC

Lambrusco e Pollo arrosto

Let's go back to colouring our Spring in red with one of the most loved Italian wines in the world. Lightweight, with an inviting scent of blackberry and red fruits, it conquers with its balance and softness. A versatile and fresh sparkling red, this is just the glass you want to sip when the days begin to warm up. An easy pairing? Try it with roast chicken. The Lambrusco is perfect with white meats, this wine manages to keep up with the spicy aromas and the smoky tone of the chicken, creating an immediate combination of rare effectiveness and pleasant intensity.

5 – Libelia

Liberlia e semifreddo alla fragola

One of the latest novelties on our catalogue now comes on to the scene. A partially fermented grape must, characterized by a fresh lightness and a pleasant sugary taste. Brush strokes of honey and passion fruit make it unique for its breadth of sensation; its taste reveals a sweet pleasure to be discovered sip after sip. To absolutely try with a strawberry semifreddo. A highly valuable alternative to Moscato d'Asti, Libelia is about to become one of the most appreciated dessert wines of our entire range. Don't believe it? Try it!

Photo credit: StarsApart on Visualhunt.com / CC BY-SA

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