Spring...in a bottle: wines and trends for the coming season!

3 wines that represent Spring, which is just around the corner, and all our previews so that you can be on trend and prepared for the season!

Spring...in a bottle: wines and trends for the coming season!

Date of publication: 15/02/2018

What does 2018 have in store for us? Maybe it's too soon to say. We can hazard a few guesses, limiting ourselves for now to the coming Spring. The days are getting longer and it won't be long until Spring is here! This is why we have bottled 3 special wines, each of which is ready to recount something about the Spring that awaits us.

Ready to discover the trends and innovations for the coming season?

Spring 2018: wines and trends for a fairy-tale season!

Fiano Puglia IGT

Primavera in bottiglia: Fiano Puglia IGT Giordano

With Spring, Nature reawakens: perfumes, colours and landscapes become rich and colourful manifestations of beauty. There is a single common denominator throughout this explosion of vitality: elegance and harmony. Just like our Fiano Puglia IGT: a refined representative of Puglia's viticulture, this delicate and inviting white is perfect for readying yourself for the coming Spring. Its intense floral and fruity suggestions are the most concrete promise of a Spring to remember.

With the Fiano Puglia IGT, we find...

Tendenze per il fashion: cosa ci attende in Primavera

Fashion trends that are discovering (or rediscovering) clothing items from the 1990s and new colours. In particular, a revival of Bomber jackets is predicted, while the colour wisteria is set to go wild. The most important thing? To follow fashion trends without losing your own identity: which is exactly what our Fiano Puglia IGT manages to do!

Lambrusco di Modena DOC

Primavera in bottiglia con Giordano: Lambrusco di Modena DOC

The tables are about to change: this isn't a new trend regarding furniture, but the approach of a season that will see pantries become enriched with a wide variety of ingredients. And if there are delicacies waiting for us that revive past traditions by adding a pinch of innovation, our glass are ready to celebrate the change of season with a wine that contains within it all the vivacious energy of Spring: the Lambrusco di Modena DOC! It is not for nothing that this is most frequently-sold wine in Italy (and one of the most appreciated wines internationally): it has character, is easy-going and inviting, isn't too alcoholic and is extremely versatile.

And with the Lambrusco di Modena we find...

Food trends: Giordano ti svela cosa porteremo in tavola nella Primavera 2018

The on-trend foods of Spring! What are the trends for 2018? Experts are expecting a noticeable growth in consumption at home. Restaurants and big players on the food scene are starting to promote home delivery of their own delicacies. Hard times are envisaged for entomophobes: soon, dishes based on insects are set to arrive on our tables! Are there any less perturbing trends? South American cuisine, new Indian cuisine, wellness at the table and superfoods will soon be all the rage, rendering mealtimes as healthy as a workout. Luckily, our Lambrusco will continue to feed the joy of tradition at the table!

Barbera d'Asti DOCG Collection

Primavera in bottiglia: Barbera d'Asti DOCG Collection Giordano

When you need to know how to adapt, you should take inspiration from a master of style: the Barbera d'Asti DOCG Collection is just this, and it amazes with its ability to adapt without comparison. Elegant if the situation requires it; casual in an everyday setting; but always extraordinary. A noble red from Piedmont, whose partly mysterious story is rooted in centuries gone by, our Barbera is hot-blooded and eclectic, capable of winning its place in the sun even in the richest and thorniest situations. A true queen of the table, then: thanks to its sensual character it will win the hearts of all!

And with the Barbera d'Asti DOCG Collection we find...

Entertainment trends per la Primavera 2018: previsioni firmate Giordano

New suggestions for entertainment! Home Entertainment and TV Series offerings have grown disproportionately over the past few years, and will certainly not slow down in Spring. Netflix, Hulu, Infinity, Prime Video...and the list goes on! Appetising snacks in front of your new favourite series? Why not? The Barbera can hold its own even against the most absorbing series. And if the house is getting too small, cinema and theatre will offer exciting releases, and it will be possible to experience the excitement of extraordinary concerts from the first days of Spring. In conclusion, the trends for culture and shows are - as always - many and varied. Find your favourite and drink a toast to a simply unforgettable season of entertainment!