How to organise the perfect Picnic

First picnic of the season? Enjoy a day full of nature, fun, nice food and fresh wines!

How to organise the perfect Picnic

Date of publication: 21/03/2017

Say hello to Spring with a picnic: for you we have thought of tasty and simple dishes to prepare, some perfect wines to accompany them and, above all, the pleasure of a day outdoors! Follow our simple guide, involve the right people and get ready to welcome Spring in the best way.


Dove fare il picnic perfetto

A trip out of town has to be both near and far from home at the same time. Nearby, because the time devoted to the picnic itself must be longer than the time it took to get there. Further away, because it will offer us a decidedly different environment to what usually surrounds us. You have the perfect place in mind? Perfect! Now you just have to decide on a date. No clue on the ideal location? Just minutes from your house there will undoubtedly be the most suitable place to host your first outdoors lunch. Be guided by curiosity, or the advice of a friend.

What to cook?

Panino con bruschetta di verdure grigliate e...

For your first picnic of the season we have minimized the amount of food to be transported: share the menu with the other attendees, so everyone can offer their own small contribution to make the day special.

To start, a classic: boiled eggs stuffed with tuna cream and capers. It is super simple to prepare: cook the eggs, then deshell them and cut them in half, so you can easily remove the yolk. Chop up a handful of capers, add the cream of tuna, some parsley, a little oil and the cooked yolk. Stir and fill the "boats" of the eggs!

Next, serve delicious sandwiches with smoked cheese and Grilled Vegetables Bruschetta: choose homemade bread, fragrant and well cooked. Fill the sandwiches with sliced provolone, then smear a generous dollop of bruschetta. Garnish with a few aromatic herbs. The result will be irresistible!

How about we continue with a nice pasta salad? We recommend using fusilli, topped with a black olive paté and cherry tomatoes: a fresh and simple dish that you can prepare in advance!

And to top it off, a light dessert: Coconut Shortbread Cookies. Preparation? Open the package and offer them to your friends! These handmade biscuits are delicious, fresh and fragrant. The perfect way to end an enjoyable outdoor picnic.

Which wine to serve

A picnic is a party, and what would a party be without bubbles? Uncork a Blanc de Blancs! Sparkling, versatile, persuasive and full of delicate charm. Suprising for its ability to adapt to different contexts: it pairs superbly with an appetizer, main course, or even the fragrant delicacy of Coconut Shortbread!

The bubbles are the perfect accompaniment for your Springtime picnic: and if you want to bring out the fragrants of the aromatic herbs, uncork a Sparkling Pinot Rosé!

You can’t stand to be without a red? Bring along a Raggiante Rosso. It is intense, smooth and versatile: its pleasantness conquers all, putting laughter and joy to centre stage.

If you prefer a brand new wine, get ready to amaze everyone with the cheerful spirit that characterizes it, and open a bottle of Garda Doc. Thanks to the Screw-Cap top, uncorking it will be a breeze: the screw cap is a comfortable solution and will preserve the natural effervescence of the Garda Doc for the duration of the picnic! 

Now all you have to do is choose a date for your first picnic of the season. Password? Have fun!