5 tips for restocking your wine collection after the holidays (and living happily)

With the feast of the Epiphany we bid farewell to the year that has just ended and start drinking to the one that has just begun. Where does one start to restock a wine collection after all the merrymaking of the festive season? Listen to our advice and it will be a piece of cake!

5 tips for restocking your wine collection after the holidays (and living happily)

Date of publication: 08/01/2019

A well-stocked wine collection is the first step towards a successful party. But at the end of the holiday season, it can be quite a challenge to find a good bottle for an impromptu dinner! That's right, because between family dinners and afternoon drinks with friends around a good panettone, the number of available bottles has dropped drastically close to zero. How can you restock your collection and live happily ever after? Simple: all you need to do is follow our tips!

5 secrets for replenishing your wine collection after the holidays

1 - Sales! Sales! Sales!

Approfitta di sconti e saldi da venditori affidabili per risparmiare sui tuoi vini

January marks the start of the year and also the start of sales: and yes, this applies to the world of wine too! Take a look at our special offers: you never know, maybe you'll find that one bottle that you've always wanted in your collection.

2 - Basic collection

La tua collezione da intenditore: scegli un buon numero di bottiglie per una collezione versatile

We love wine, and that's why we never want to be without our favourite bottles. Fill your collections with versatile wines that are impossible to refuse. For example? 5 reds (Barbera, Primitivo, Toscana Rosso, Merlot, and Cabernet Sauvignon); 3 whites (Chardonnay, Malvasia, and Fiano are among the must-haves); and a selection of 4 rosé and sparkling wines (a Sparkling Rosé, Rosato Puglia, Blanc de Blancs, and Prosecco). A careful choice of wines that allows you to create an impressive collection at a reasonable cost.

3 - Choose at least one prestigious label

Considera di avere in Cantina almeno un vino pregiato

Getting your collection back on track after the holiday season also means replacing the important, valuable wines - the labels that add lustre to your collection, demonstrating how much you love even the most extravagant variants of the nectar of the gods. Why not go for a bottle of Amarone della Valpolicella: an austere, powerful red that will singlehandedly take your personal wine collection to another level.

4 - Denomination is important, but it's not everything

La tua collezione? Ricca e versatile, ma non di sole denominazioni!

A good white wine, light and fragrant; the daily red that transforms your mealtimes; a special rosé that overflows with zest and sparkle as soon as you pop the cork... wine is about many things, not only its denomination. Remember to stock up on daily wines that have been made with care and carry the guarantee of their producers. We also give time and attention to this type of wine because we want to be able to give all wine lovers the right bottle for the right occasion. Try our Andrea Vino Rosso, created by one of our expert winemakers; or the classic Vei Cavour Gold Label, one of the mainstays of Giordano Wines.

5 - Choose a wine that can be enjoyed over the years

Scopri l'evoluzione di un vino nel corso del tempo

Wine is alive: a miracle in a bottle! If stored correctly, it will express this characteristic to the full. How? By evolving over time; expressing different, stimulating notes and hints according to its age. Don't turn down the opportunity to have at least one bottle that you intend to keep and nurture until it is ready to make its début at a special occasion a few years from now. We recommend an intense, bold Toscana Rosso; Soleato, a Giordano exclusive; or Sauvignon Il Vinré, a white wine that can survive for a number of years and repay your patience with surprising taste evolutions.

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