Unrevealed Piedmont: five magical places to discover in autumn

Piedmont in autumn is a magical place: beautiful little villages, breathtaking views and wonderful places to experience. Here are five places you absolutely must see.

Unrevealed Piedmont: five magical places to discover in autumn

Date of publication: 08/10/2019

Piedmont is not just a land of great wines: it is a small world, embraced by the soft contours of the hills, littered with wonders to discover. Travelling in this area when autumn arrives is even more beautiful: the landscapes take on rich and fascinating colours, and in the villages and cities spring up events that make a weekend out of doors essential, among the scents and flavours of the most delicious traditions.

Here are five enchanting places for a mini-escape in Piedmont during autumn.

Five magical places to visit in Piedmont when autumn arrives


Le Langhe, cornice della bellissima città di Alba

The Queen of the Langhe is a beautiful place to visit at any time of the year, but in autumn it truly becomes a place of continual discoveries. With the start of the International Alba White Truffle Fair, the city is dressed for a party, offering tourists many events and experiences. What's the best way to experience the city? Explore the stalls of the Fair's street market and take part in the Villages' Bacchanal, a historical re-enactment in costume with games and food (19 – 20 October). If you want to sample the emotions of Alba in advance, taste a Costafiore Dolcetto: a symbol of a magnificent land, and an expression of the spirit of those who experience the Langhe day after day.

Orta Lake

Il Lago d'Orta è un magnifico luogo da creare

One of the most popular destinations in Piedmont, and one of the most romantic places in Italy, Lake Orta has much to offer tourists despite its limited area. Located between the provinces of Novara and Verbano-Cusio-Ossola, this striking expanse of water is surrounded by picturesque hills and Alpine foothills, which give the landscape a fairy-tale feeling. The beautiful San Giulio Island hosts exhibitions, concerts and events that are always interesting. Such a place should be experienced on special occasions: maybe an escape for two, made even more special by a toast with the king of bubblies: a stunning Prosecco!

Colourful little Langhe church in La Morra

La Cappella del Barolo, piccola chiesetta dall'aspetto unico

Passing through La Morra (Cuneo) you come across a very picturesque building: a small church in bright colours, the Chapel of Our Lady of Grace. Better known today as the Chapel of Barolo, the church has never been consecrated. Restored in the early 1990s by leading artists Sol LeWitt and David Tremlett, today it is freely accessible and represents a fascinating detour during a tour of the Langhe. To effectively celebrate the location and unique nature of the building requires a toast in its honour with a wine with a unique personality: our choice has to be Barolo!

Giant Benches of the Langhe

Panchine Giganti, un tocco di fiaba in Piemonte

Scattered throughout various municipalities of the Langhe, the Giant Benches are the work of Chris Bangle. These are art installations, huge benches that have, over the last few years, become a hallmark of the area and an attraction for tourists. Lying behind these curious creations is the desire to offer those who clamber up them the experience of contemplating the landscape with the eyes of a child: a way to appreciate the wonder of a land that enters your heart. Which wine would be perfect to celebrate these charming attractions? Piemonte Cortese: delicate, fragrant, inviting, and light.


Bergolo, il Paese di Pietra

One of the smallest municipalities in Italy, the smallest of all the Langhe, Bergolo is known as the Land of Stone. All of the buildings have been restored, over time, using the local sandstone and asphalt has been replaced by cobblestones. The result? A village that is a combination of time travel and beauty, a place that offers fairytale scenery and breathtaking views. In autumn the streets of Bergolo are enlivened by a thousand activities (some related to the Truffle Fair), and many events are hosted in the small village. A gem waiting to be discovered! Toast this special place with a Rosso Piemonte DOC: an inspired wine with an ancient but at the same time modern character, overwhelming in the sensations it manages to offer... just like Bergolo.

Photo credit: ViaggioRoutard, Max Giordan and jorge.cancela on Visual hunt / CC BY | Giorgio Pulcini | Elio Pallard via Wikimedia Commons

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