Out of stock? Get a new look for your cellar

The essential labels, from Chianti to Chardonnay

Out of stock? Get a new look for your cellar

Date of publication: 10/01/2022

Have you been toasting a lot over the holidays and now you're running low? If your wine supply needs a top-up, here are some delightful suggestions for rebuilding a cellar worthy of a true wine lover. Because you know: having the right bottle can lighten up the atmosphere, can enhance (or spoil) the flavours of a dish and, in general, can change the course of an entire evening.

So here are the wines you need in your new cellar, from the traditional reds to the most fashionable bubblies. Are you ready? Let's go!


Reds for the winter (and any other season)

Of course, Christmas is over and we're well into the New Year, but winter has just begun and we need to find a way to warm up. If you also prefer to do it "the old-fashioned way", a glass of good red wine is what you need. In this time of year, feel free to go for more structured and intense reds, characterised by a nice spiciness and a good alcohol content. For example, choose the Appassimento Rosso, a thick wine born from a warm and passionate land: Apulia. Following the same trend, you can't go without a Chianti Riserva, perfect with the most succulent meat dishes, and others besides. If you want to offer it to your guests, surprise them by telling them about its history and the curiosities of this wine, a child of Tuscany's soil: so you'll make a great impression...

For a complete cellar, don't forget to set aside lighter and more drinkable wines, ideal for simpler and more convivial occasions. A Bonarda dell’Oltrepò Pavese and a Merlot are wise choices, considering their great versatility.


Whites: a sip of freshness

The general rule dictates that the best combination for a white wine is with fish. In reality, there are plenty of other equally successful combinations: just choose the right wine! A passepartout you should definitely keep aside is a Chardonnay, fruity and with a nice personality, thanks to a medium-complex aromatic texture and characterised by a honeyed and delicate finish.

When the protagonists are more spicy dishes, for example ethnic cuisine, it's always convenient to have a Müller Thurgau: crunchy vitality and the fresh and important aromatic complement are characteristics which allow it to go side by side with dishes with intense flavours, enhancing all their nuances.


The bubbles which (still) taste like a party

It doesn't matter if there isn't a special occasion to celebrate: it's always the right time for bubbly. Whether it's a small glass after work or a toast to a friend's birthday, you can easily find an excuse to pop a cork or two. That's why being prepared is the only thing you can do (saying no to a drink is out of the question...). The most classic Venetian bubbly, as well as the king of the aperitif, Prosecco, is definitely essential for an enthusiast like you.


But for all those times when you want to push the boat out and treat yourself to a particular and very fine glass, focus on a Rosé Spumante Millesimato: bright pink colour, hints of currants, raspberries and citrus on the finish, and an overwhelming freshness. This sparkling wine wasn't made to stay in the bottle for very long. Some advice? Try it with sushi as well, it might surprise you...

And your cellar is whole again. But remember, this is just the beginning...



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