New Year's Eve dinner? 5 wines to try!

Fill your cellar with all of the bottles you need to make your New Year's Eve dinner unique: here are our suggestions!

New Year's Eve dinner? 5 wines to try!

Date of publication: 22/12/2017

Have you decided on your menu for New Year's Eve? We are still working on ours! We have chosen the wines: dinner will be built around them. Would you like to discover them with us?

Who knows, they may even inspire your choices!

1 - Rosé to start the dancing

Antipasto con Rosé Millesimato Giordano per Cenone di Capodanno

Finger food or traditional starters? The choice is yours! Bring a little creativity to the table, following tradition, and pour Spumante Rosé Extra Dry Millesimato!  A fresh, carefree Rosé, perfect to begin the evening with the correct liveliness.

2 – An elegant white

Piatto vegetariano con Chardonnay Salento IGT 2017 Esclusivo

For a fish dish, or a delicate vegetarian alternative, you will find the perfect combination in the Chardonnay Salento IGT Esclusivo Gold Label. An elegant and suggestive Salento white wine, which represents the finest Apulian wine making tradition.

3 – Passionate red

Primi piatti di tradizione contadina con Barbera d'Asti per il Cenone di Capodanno

Robust and full of character, with its roots in the country tradition: for this dish we will uncork Barbera d'Asti DOCG Collection, the most sensual of Piedmontese label wines! If you need a red wine for New Year's Eve ... you cannot go wrong with this one!

4 – Only the best

Con un secondo di livello, un rosso prestifioso: Amarone della Valpolicella per il Cenone di Capodanno

Do not forget to have a prestigious wine at the table: when you uncork it, your guests will fall in love. Amarone della Valpolicella is a delicious, austere and vigorous representative of the best Venetian wines. A sip of excellence, to make it a dinner to remember!

5 – A sweet toast

E con il Panettone un dolcissimo Moscato Spumante per il Cenone di Capodanno

Would you like to finish your meal with beautiful style? Cut a slice of panettone, and toast with the sweetest bubbles: Moscato Spumante! A delicate, delicious white, born to bring you a moment of joy, the most elegant way to welcome a sweet new year!

Photo credits: Luca Nebuloni and  Nicola since 1972 on Visual Hunt / CC BY 

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