5 Giordano wines win awards at the Berliner Wein Trophy for true Wine Lovers

Berlin confers new prizes on our Cellars with the summer edition of the Berliner Wein Trophy: discover 5 award-winning wines that are perfect for a real Wine Lover’s collection

5 Giordano wines win awards at the Berliner Wein Trophy for true Wine Lovers

Date of publication: 05/10/2018

The Berliner Wein Trophy doubles every year: after the February edition, that had many satisfying moments for Giordano and for Italian Wine Brands, our Cellars collected additional prizes during the summer session. The prestigious international wine competition experienced a July of passion in Berlin, and as many as 25 Giordano wines were deemed worthy of recognition. We have chosen from among our champions 5 labels that a real Wine Lover should always have in their collection, as should a loyal Giordano customer!

Celebrate the Berliner Wein Trophy with us: discover 5 wines that will make your collection stand out!

5 Giordano wines awarded prizes at the Berliner Wein Trophy for authentic Wine Lovers

1 - Prosecco Spumante DOC Extra Dry Millesimato

Every self-respecting party deserves a Bubbly: and a special occasion requires a truly unique sparkling wine. We begin this overview of our awarded wines with Prosecco Spumante DOC Extra Dry Millesimato. When you say Prosecco, you think of a successful party, a special occasion of shared joy, with toasts and smiles all round.

Prosecco DOC MIllesimato, vincitore al Berliner Wein Trophy e protagonista di serate da star

To uncork when…

You want the excitement of the Red Carpet, the sensational evening that seems like one straight out of the movies, that burst that can make an evening watching a TV series with friends an extraordinary one. Prosecco is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow: a ray of light that never lets you down!

2 - Andrea Vino Rosso (Red Wine)

We asked our Wine Makers to tell their story through a wine: from this starting point were born two wines of excellence, and the Andrea Vino Rosso has, at its first international release, earned recognition as a true star player. The gold of Berlin welcomes a pensive and profound red with myriad associations that is severe in appearance only.

Andrea Vino Rosso, firmato da uno dei nostri Wine Makers, gran rosso da condividere

To uncork when…

The combination with the dinner’s main course asks for a little more, or when chatting among friends in front of the fire calls for a wine that can evoke authentic emotions.

3 - Raggiante Rosso

For a long time our range’s label of pride, and the merit note of Giordano’s cellar masters and Wine Makers, the Raggiante Rosso is an intense and full wine. It manages to combine strength and finesse, rendering sip after sip of the vast aromatic and fragrant contours that animate it. With a rare, pulpy concentration, it owes its own effective and inspired balance to a careful selection of grapes, and to a long sojourn in the Cellar followed by scrupulous, loving care.

Raggiante Rosso, Oro a Berlino, perfetto con piatti saporiti e pietanze piccanti

To uncork when…

The meal contains spicy and flavoursome foods: whether regional traditional recipes, or the most exotic and complex oriental cuisine, or a fusion, our Raggiante Rosso will speak for itself, and you will be sure to have offered the best Wine Pairing possible to your fellow diners.

4 - Primitivo di Manduria DOC Riserva

History from Puglia, a Mediterranean spirit, and Italian personality: a triple soul for a wine that is both sumptuous and legendary. The dark and minimal label recalls with few strokes the evocative image of a trullo, while highlighting the certification by Luca Maroni, who attributes it 98 points. A full red with garnet reflections. Heady aromas of ripe fruit. Tenacious, velvety, unique: not just a red from Puglia, but a Puglia red par excellence.

Primitivo di Manduria DOC Riserva

To uncork when…

In this case, it is not so much the when that counts, but the how… or actually, with whom. A wine that is so special that you want to enjoy it with special people: in moments to celebrate, those occasions that captivate the heart and give a thrill to the soul, a time that exists outside of time, to be preserved within, among the memories that make life beautiful to live.

5 - Albarossa Piemonte DOC

For Luca Maroni this wine represents absolute excellence. Awarded 99 points, the maximum that the well-known sensory analyst has ever granted to a wine. Albarossa is, all in all, a recent name, born from an unusual marriage: Chatus, Nebbiolo of Dronero, and Barbera. Vigorous, full of character: it amazes for its ease of drinking, a characteristic that is unexpected in such a strong wine. Evocative and with great consistency, it manages to collect and restore sensations that belong of a land full of emotion - Piedmont - the home of simply unforgettable wines.

Albarossa, antico e nuovo rosso piemontese, medaglia d'oro Giordano al Berliner Wein Trophy

To uncork when…

When you want to astonish. When you want to change the minds of those who say that reds are all the same, or that they do not like wines from Piedmont. When you want to involve your friends in an impromptu wine tasting, giving them a sample a real masterpiece.