The stories and flavours of Puglia

A journey through enogastronomic excellence and fairy-tale wines, in one of the richest regions of Italy: Puglia, a region with a thousand faces and a thousand flavours.

The stories and flavours of Puglia

Date of publication: 27/04/2018

Puglia is not merely a region: it is also a treasure chest of thousands of stories and flavours, which make Italy the world capital of taste. In all of its marvels to contemplate, in every panorama to fall in love with, you will find a little story to hear, which will leave you open-mouthed, and above all a new taste to discover: an enchanting setting, to taste in full.

Are you ready to travel with us?

A glass in Puglia, between stories and flavours

The Mirrors of Salento, between Giants and Devils

Le Specchie del Salento, buona scusa per esplorare i gusti di Puglia

The Mirrors of Salento are ancient constructions whose origins are surrounded by mystery. There are those who claim that they were constructed during the Neolithic age, and those who claim that they date back to the temples of the Messapians (the Bronze age). They owe their name to the Latin term speculum, which indicated points of observation.

Legend tells that one of the Mirrors was inhabited by the Devil himself, as the uncompromising custodian of a rich treasure; another, already in ruins, had been built by a population of Giants, who wanted to use it to reach the sky. The Gods punished the Giants by demolishing the tower, which is still in ruins today.

The Mirrors of Salento allow us to observe a highly traditional dish, a versatile street food that is easy to prepare: Muersi Fritti, cubes of bread fried in boiling oil with seasonings and chili pepper. Muersi Fritti are usually served with turnip greens and beans.

Our Chardonnay Salento IGT Organic is the perfect companion for Muersi Fritti, whose pungent aroma and crunchy fragrance it complements. The wine’s delicate perfumes, along with its restrained and structured taste, make this white perfect for celebrating the popular character of this delicacy, to be enjoyed in full.

The Birth of Pettole

Pettole, deliziose frittelle di pasta pugliesi

Sometimes the story of the birth of a typical dish can be told through a fairytale, a curious way of attributing unique and intriguing characteristics to the most universal of activities: cooking!

According to one of these legends, the origin of Pettole – balls of dough – takes us far back to a day many years ago, when a woman was proving her dough for bread. Leaving the house to run a few everyday errands, she met a neighbour who she had not seen for a long time. The two women began to chat, and they chatted, and chatted, and chatted…they chattered for so long that our protagonist forgot her dough, and when she returned home it had already risen too much, and could not be cooked. Reluctant to throw away good food, the woman attempted to fry the dough, having broken it into pieces. She discovered that the fried dough was delicious: and thus Pettole were born!

Another simple and tasty speciality, perfect for pairing with sausages, cheeses, vegetables and flavoursome fish soups.

Choose a rosé to accompany your Pettole! A Rosato Puglia IGT is the perfect pairing for this versatile and evocative dish. With a lively character and personality to spare, this rosé will change the face of your evening!

The Plinian Well of Manduria

Il Fonte Pliniano, testimonianza di antichi riti in Puglia

In his Naturalis Historia, Pliny the Elder, the celebrated ancient Roman naturalist, writes of an ancient cult location in Manduria. This ancient temple, probably built by the Messapians, was located in what Pliny called a ‘happy landfor its wine and vine. Originally it was placed next to an almond tree, a tree that was sacred to the population: the building excavated into the rock had an external and an internal spring, in a concentric design with a circular base. And it is right in the central altar, built around the well, that the water still exerts a sacred fascination today.

Manduria did not do anything to hide the fact that this land is blessed by the sky. Panoramas, perfumes and enogastronomic delights are ready to testify to it, season after season. The character of this region marries perfectly with Puglian bombette, slices of veal filled with caciocavallo cheese, bacon and herbs, cooked on a slab or in the oven.

And to celebrate the uniqueness of Manduria, there’s no need to look elsewhere: its Primitivo has everything that is required to warm the heart and make even the most demanding of gourmet diners fall in love. A red with an open and irresistible character, the guardian of a thousand evocations, the full and robust flagbearer of a legendary region like Puglia. To be tried – or lived, rather – in all its tannic wonder!

Photo credit: Andrea Fistetto [CC BY-SA 3.0] from Wikimedia Commons

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