Wine for Women: who says men have to choose the wine?

On the occasion of Women's Day we present Wine for Women. The wines most loved by the most passionate Wine Lovers, and our suggestions on how to always choose and pair the best wine.

Wine for Women: who says men have to choose the wine?

Date of publication: 05/03/2019

Wine is evermore feminine! A great passion that unites us all continues to break through to the heart of the other half of the sky. The number of female Sommeliers is growing, and they are ever more knowledgeable and always able to amaze with stimulating and successful choices. Women's Day is coming up: this is why we decided to promote the labels women love, together with suggestions given by our most knowledgeable and passionate customers.

Because, after all, who says men have to choose the wine?

Wine for women: our guide to happy uncorking

Before choosing

Un buon vino non deve necessariamente essere costoso

Julia Oudill, Head Sommelier at Campagnie des Vins Surnaturelle in London, has a clear idea of what a good wine should be.

 " [...] should not just be for people who can spend 500 euros on a bottle".

To begin with, wine is one of the pleasures of life: prohibitive prices that limit accessibility don't benefit wine lovers. A costly wine is not always good, and an inexpensive wine is not always bad. We must choose carefully, taking many factors into account. Enthusiasts know which advice to follow when looking for a good wine: they will make the right choice, looking past the name on the label or the price!

Harmonic pairings

Accostamenti armonici per stupire ogni volta che si stappa

Pairing wine is a real art. Three main schools provide valuable information on which bottle to uncork at the table: the Italian, French and English schools. Let's take a look at the third school and at the words of Cyril and Elizabeth Ray, its creators.

 " Each of us must let ourselves be guided by our personal taste and our own preferences [...]".

No difference between the glass and the goblet, just a constant harmony of flavours. A careful selection also means contrasting, albeit harmoniously. Have we gone crazy? Absolutely not! Here's an example of a wine pairing in which harmony is actually produced through contrasts.  We take a blue cheese with an intense, pronounced taste and a clear fat component. The pairing by contrast involves matching this cheese with a dry, hard wine with strong tannins. The wine's characteristics will mitigate the excessive oiliness of the cheese and make the tasting more enjoyable at the same time. We recommend a Barolo DOCG, an austere and noble wine: the choice of a true connoisseur!

White and Bubbles? Yes, but also Rosé and ...

Un vino rosato ha sempre un suo perché: stappalo e ti conquisterà!

At times the wine world turns inwards, fuelling cliches and false myths. The relationship between wine and women is well documented. If the numbers show enthusiasts have a slight preference for white wines and bubbles, this does not exclude a true passion for other labels. Rosés, especially the most intriguing and less common ones, are always a good choice. The reds deserve attention too, and Barbera and Chianti stand out as favourites.  Prosecco is eternal love (and not only for women): on special occasions no connoisseur would look down on an Amarone della Valpolicella, a true pillar of Made in Italy wine.

Give room to your sixth sense!

Lasciati ispirare...

When choosing a wine, it's never a bad idea to let yourself be guided by intuition and inspiration. And, in this, women have such sensitivity as to always identify the best possible match. The rule? Abandon the clichés and get ready to raise a glass with simply unforgettable labels

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