Food & Wine: 7 wines for 7 special women!

During the year of Italian Food, we celebrate the culture of good eating (and drinking) with 7 women and 7 wines that are truly exceptional. Are you ready to discover the very best of enogastronomy?

Food & Wine: 7 wines for 7 special women!

Date of publication: 02/03/2018

Even in the world of enogastronomy, women's gazes are becoming increasingly more numerous. During the year of Italian Food, announced by the Ministry for Agricultural Policy, we want to honour the fairer sex with 7 special women who have left their mark on Italy as well as elsewhere. To each of these women, we dedicate a special wine: a toast to their success, for a year dedicated to the world of Food&Wine to remember!

7 wines for 7 special women

Sofia Goggia and Michela Moioli

2 vini speciali per 2 speciali protagoniste dello sport azzurro

At the moment there is no shortage of snow! And this is not just due to inconvenience: at the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, the snow brought plenty of luck to our colours. Let's give a thought to two special athletes, who carried our tricolour to the highest point of the podium: for them we have chosen 2 wines to bring good luck. For Sofia Goggia, let's uncork a sparkling Bollicine Prosecco DOC, perfect for celebrating an historic victory, and for Michela Moioli a Rosato Puglia IGT - lively, energetic and unique: just like her!

Cristina Bowerman

Una cucina speciale, una cucina... in rosa!

How annoying, always encountering the same Chefs on television! It always seems to be the same old faces making a scene in the kitchen. And yet there is a pink signature that renders Italian cuisine famous (and special) all over the world: Cristina Bowerman! One of the faces of the year of Italian Food, Cristina has turned her passion for food into a profession, leaving her past as a successful designer and lawyer behind her. Queen of the Glass Hostaria in Rome, she showcases food that is never dull, capable of exalting the flavours of tradition in high-impact dishes. For a woman of character, a wine of character is required: to her we dedicate our Selvato Toscana Rosso IGT, with its decisive tone and intriguing flavour. A wine that surprises with its versatility and seduces with a spirit that evokes its territory.

Michelle Hunziker

Anche nel dorato mondo dello spettacolo abbiamo grandi nomi in rosa

Sanremo Music Festival has broken new records, affirming an established formula once again. If part of the merit for this must, without doubt, go to the abilities of Claudio Baglioni for constructing a balanced and impressive show, the importance of Michelle Hunziker can't be overlooked: sunny, exuberant, fun, a real force of nature! Without her, a result like this would have been unthinkable. To her we dedicate an exceptional wine: Eventus Rosso, elegant and natural, a label that can deliver cheerful and provocative sensations.

Chiara Ferragni

Blogger e Influencer? Nel segno delle donne!

Even we at Giordano have a Social dimension: not just on our official profiles, but also thanks to initiatives like the Blog Tour. Bloggers and Influencers contribute to the success of prestigious brands, often offering a more everyday image of the products that occupy important positions in the wishlists of many. If we have to give a name that would represent these professional figures, it could only be...Chiara Ferragni! To her we dedicate a white that is unique in its genre, a Chardonnay Salento IGT Esclusivo Gold Label. A refined example of the best in wine production from Puglia, it has character and also quenches, attracts and convinces with its seductive equilibrium.

Kaitlyn Stewart

Migior Bartender al mondo? Sì... è lei!

The pleasure of a drink in the right company, the ability to put guests at ease, quality of service: these are some of the characteristics that render a locale particularly enjoyable. The best landlords know how to mix and serve quality cocktails that are delicious and always impress. It was Kaitlyn Stewart who was awarded the title of best Bartender in the world in 2017: the sparkling Canadian stood out from all the other participants, showing that she is number one in mixology and likeability. To her, and to all her less famous but equally talented colleagues, we drink a toast with our Moscato Spumante: just a hint of its bouquest suffices to turn everything into a party!

Emanuela Canepa

Una scrittrice da tenere d'occhio!

Every now and then, the landscape of lterature lights up with a star that will leave behind its mark. This is the case with Emanuela Canepa, Paduan librarian and author of the debut novel The Female Animal. A novel that tells of a possible recovery, and does this with the tone and measure of a masterpiece from the past. Winner of the Calvino Prize 2017, Emanuela offers a clear voice that says 'no' to all abuses of power, and that unequivocally declares that passion allows us to overcome all challenges. Even the challenge of writing one's first book at 50 years of age, and, with that extraordinary book, winning one of the most important Italian literary prizes. To her we drink a toast with an exceptional wine: a sumptuous Montepulciano d'Abruzzo DOC Collection. Because special moments are celebrated as they should be, and because every moment can become unique if there is enough passion and conviction!