The perfect cocktail party in five steps

A little guide to hosting the ideal cocktail party: five simple steps to organising the trendiest event of the season

The perfect cocktail party in five steps

Date of publication: 21/05/2019

It's not difficult to organise the perfect cocktail party at home, if you know how! There aren't too many rules for hosting a successful event. Here's a short five-step guide to a memorable soirée.

Five steps to the perfect cocktail party

1 – Think about the best location

Per un aperitivo di successo, scegli la giusta location

Garden, terrace, dining room or living room? The first step to hosting a successful drinks party — choosing the right location. Make your choice based on the space available, the weather and the theme that you want your evening to have. Involve friends for suggestions and ideas — sometimes you just need a little hint to kick-start your creativity!

Once you've decided on the location and theme, you can start to think of personalising the space with decorative touches, and brightly-coloured disposable tableware. Take a look here for some inspiration.

2 – Create the atmosphere

Un po' di musica e l'atmosfera è perfetta!

It doesn't take much to create the right atmosphere. Selecting the right music will help to give your evening the right mood. Choose a playlist that takes into account the tastes of your guests, and make sure to choose songs that offer the right mix of energy and relaxation.

3 – A fabulous menu

Metti a punto un menu da leccarsi i baffi per un aperitivo da ricordare

Next, the buffet — offer uncomplicated dishes, finger food and snacks that are practical to eat (even standing). Get creative — roulades, savoury pastries, sliced meats, cheese, mozzarella and vegetable skewers, pizza — the possibilities are endless. There needs to be something for everyone, so don't forget the vegans or vegetarians.

Lay out all the dishes in advance, somewhere easily accessible, with plates, glasses and cutlery nearby.

4 – The wine, of course

Non devono mancare i vini: bianchi, rossi, bollicine e rosati, per offrire un aperitivo a misura di Wine Lover

Set out your choice of wines, and make sure there are plenty of them! A good selection is the key factor for your party's success. White, red, rosé and sparkling wines should all be represented, even if there's just one bottle of each. Take into account the menu when you choose the wine — you'll need to have the right wine to match each dish. What's an absolute must-have? Prosecco, without a shadow of a doubt! Among the reds, Lambrusco is a good choice; it's excellent with sliced meats and cheeses. When it comes to rosé, a Loris Rosé can be a delightful surprise. And among the whites, Arneis is a Piedmontese label that impresses even the most demanding wine enthusiast.

5 – Cocktails!

Cocktail: l'asso nella manica che trasforma l'aperitivo in un evento

A good cocktail is essential during your happy hour — again, choose an Italian sparkling wine and dust off one of our most famous and best-loved preparations. A Spritz is always popular, with its sparkling essence and unmistakable taste. Also think about lighter, fruity cocktails, such as Mimosa or Bellini. Ask an expert friend for advice, or find a particularly inspiring recipe online — with the right drinks, these five steps will make your cocktail party a success