Spooky wines: 5 toasts perfect for Halloween

The spookiest party of the year is approaching: to celebrate it, make sure you uncork the right wines. Afraid of making mistakes? Drive your fears away by reading our tips

Spooky wines: 5 toasts perfect for Halloween

Date of publication: 23/10/2019

Ghosts, witches and zombies are already getting ready: Halloween is just around the corner! A party of Anglo-Saxon origin, which has conquered enthusiasts everywhere in the world, including in Italy. To celebrate in the best way possible we need sweet treats (for the little ones)... and Dolcetto (for the grown-ups)!

Organising a small party with friends for Halloween isn't a sin: it's important not to forget to choose the right wines, because a good toast is what it takes to give the table the right spirit. Here are 5 wines which you can't miss out on for perfect Halloween toasts.

Halloween, 5 wines perfect for spooky toasts

Raggiante bianco

Raggiante Bianco: per scacciare la paura a HalloWine

Whether you have organised a dinner with friends, or a Netflix horror movie marathon, a good way to keep your fear in check is to uncork a delicious Raggiante Bianco. A light and fragrant wine, the absolute protagonist among our exclusive wines. A caress on the palate, very delicate with fish-based dishes, tantalising with fresh cheeses, even strong ones.


Lambrusco di Modena: uno spirito...sissimo vino per scacciare la paura ad Halloween!

Apericena with rustic flavours, and maybe a hint of seasonal delicacies? Not a bad night! If traditional dishes and tasty and inviting products are on the table, it's a good idea to drive away any fear of the wrong combination by choosing a wine which tells stories of the region and of carefree moments at the table: Lambrusco! There's no denying it: with Lambrusco fear is on its last legs!

Andrea Vino Rosso

Andrea Vino Rosso: un esclusivo Giordano austero e deciso

Sometimes to keep spirits and poltergeists at bay we need to choose suitable weapons and tools. And what's better than a red so good that just a sip is enough to stave off the fear? Andrea Vino Rosso is signed by one of our winemakers, a flag-bearer of the exclusive Winemaker’s Choice line. An unmistakable wine, unique for its inspiration and suggestions: the red which creates an atmosphere and chases away the demons of boring evenings!

Esclusivo Rosso Puglia

Esclusivo Rosso Puglia Etichetta Oro, un pugliese DOC per tenere a bada la paura di una serata anonima

For a perfect Halloween we can't do without decorations and carved pumpkins. And if the pumpkin ends up on the plate, even better! There are many recipes based on this autumn vegetable, all very tasty and delicious. Soups, stews, stuffed ravioli... there is really so much choice. And if the ideal partner for these recipes is a delicate white wine, there are preparations with which you can dare to try something more robust and intriguing. The Esclusivo Rosso Puglia is a wine with a strong personality, brave and full-bodied. There's no denying it: the Esclusivo Rosso Puglia is the drink which triumphs over evil!

Blanc de Blancs Dry

Blanc de Blancs Extra Dry, una Bollicina scaccia spettri!

Turn Halloween into HalloWine: a heavenly party! There's no denying it: the overwhelming lightness of this Bollicina holds all fear at bay and lights up the table for toasts and smiles. A wine which is both sparkling and witty, perfect for dissolving tensions and fears, and for creating a pleasant and lively party atmosphere. If you're looking for a wine which keeps the dark at bay, all you need is the perfect colour and effervescence of this excellent sparkling wine!