Fresh convenience: five great reasons to celebrate with Giordano

Summertime is sale time: find out why choosing Giordano is the best way to have high-quality wines in your cellar at affordable prices

Fresh convenience: five great reasons to celebrate with Giordano

Date of publication: 24/07/2019

Even in Summer, there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy good wines: an aperitif with friends, a dinner in the garden, a barbecue with company. If high temperatures cause us to stay a respectful distance from the more structured reds, the summer season can be the best excuse to restock the cellar, especially when prices are so low and attractive as to be simply irresistible!

Here are 5 good reasons to take advantage of the summer season and replenish your exclusive wine collection by choosing Giordano Wines.

Five great reasons to celebrate with Giordano's fresh convenience

1 – Guaranteed quality

Qualità garantita da più di 100 anni di esperienza nel mono del vino

We have been making wine for 119 years – with us, wine is at home. We have followed its fashions and evolutions, updating our production processes without ever losing sight of the search for the highest quality. There are aspects of wine that do not change with the passage of time, and are the result of experience and respect for tradition. We come from a land where wine is a bounty – pampered and treasured by generations. A good reason to choose us? Because the work we do, we do with passion!

2 – Discounts and promotions always up to date

Convenienza e qualità? Scegli Giordano Vini

Have you visited our site and not found the wine that you were looking for on promotion? Come back soon! Our offers frequently change, and we try to meet the needs of all our clients, offering the entire range with tempting discounts. Not only that: subscribers to the site will receive special offers, with exclusive promotions. A world of convenience is just a click away!

3 – The best time for reds too!

L'Estate è un buon momento per scegliere i vini da stappare in autunno

A warm summer evening can end with a carefree toast in the garden, sipping a white full of unique suggestions. Summer is the season of whites and rosés, but nothing forbids you from taking advantage of Giordano convenience to enhance your collection of signature reds! Check out our offers for wines that will make your evenings special when autumn comes: it would be a crime to miss out on these, at such inviting prices!

4 – Sparkling wines any time

Bollicine a volontà

There is nothing better than a scintillating sparkle and a fragrant and rich bouquet: a Bollicina always manages to turn the day around! We have a full range, ready to inspire your moments of celebration. Which one are you going to try first?

5 – Not just wine

Giordano propone anche prodotti alimentari saporiti e invitanti

If you follow us you already know, but for those of you who think that Giordano is only about wine it will be a nice surprise: on our site you can find delicious gourmet food, mouth-watering delicacies all ready to give your table a new look. Whether you're looking for a traditional food product, or something new to experience flavours you've never tried, you're in the right place!