Four stories of passion and goodness: the wines of Winemaker's Choice Giordano

Every wine is also a story. Today we present our Winemaker's Choice, exclusive wines endorsed by those who take care of the details every day. Discover them with us

Four stories of passion and goodness: the wines of Winemaker's Choice Giordano

Date of publication: 01/04/2019

In the Cellar you breathe an air full of promises. Our Wine Makers know this well, they are wine lovers like every true enthusiast. There are not only origin designations, it's not just tradition. It is a great desire to offer an assortment that is constantly updated, always interesting and personal. This is why the Winemaker's Choice line was launched, being a series of labels that carry the signature of those who experience the wine every day.

Four unique labels, four stories of passion and goodness that only expect to be shared

Winemaker's Choice, wines for passion


Andrea Red Wine

The Andrea Red Wine is a story recounted of delicate times. It has substance, and yet it is never too impetuous. It grants little taste discoveries, tasting after tasting, finally yielding pleasant impressions of chocolate and vanilla. The ageing determines the character, suggests shades and pleasant reverberations of excitement. It is a wine that maintains unaltered the characteristics of fruit, captivating and sharp.


Andrea Red Wine Black Label

Andrea Red Wine Black Label is the cradle of dreams consumed in the nights of the ageing process, between the sinuous curves of the brick vaults and the soft and sensuous profile of the barrels. There is a sprinkling of melancholy in recalling them, which is quickly dissipated by a rich and fascinating bouquet. The tannins, important and well polished, will take you by the hand and seductively deliver a taste that is complete and harmonious. This red is a song that, rhyme after rhyme will recount that which we are, that which populates our dreams, that which rouses our most zealous toasts.


Loris White Wine

There are echoes of laughter in Loris White Wine, a nod to the weekend aperitif with forever friends. There are tales that are swirling, evocative, fleeing in the golden tones of the glass. The fresh acidity confers pleasurable sensations to the finish. This wine is not one for the road, but the fuel of the party. A sly white that keeps morale high, and that adds magic where necessary. One to try!


Loris Rosé Wine

The story of Loris Rosé Wine is one that attests to the prejudices that can be held against rosé wines. And there are many. Because they are accused of having no personality, of being a halfway road deprived of meaning. This is not true. And the first taste is enough to change your mind. Because little by little it will draw close to your heart, you will find it to be vivacious, rich, mulit-faceted. And when it accompanies delicate, pleasant and inviting dishes, it does it with such subtle agreeableness, with balanced mastery, bringing back a smile even on the most intense days.