5 good reasons to give wine at Christmas

Choosing Christmas gifts can be a pain. How can we reach the heart of the recipients? By choosing the right wine. Here's how to do it.

5 good reasons to give wine at Christmas

Date of publication: 03/12/2018

As Christmas arrives and the gift count increases, it always seems as if we have much more time than we actually have. And we are often reduced to running around in the last 24 hours before, in search of the perfect gift which we didn’t find on time. A good way to avoid wasting time and energy is to act early. Another foolproof method? Give a bottle of wine as a present!

Here are 5 reasons why to give a gift of wine at Christmas.

1 - It's unisex

Il vino è un regalo di Natale che piace a tutti, è unisex

Wine can be the perfect Christmas gift, because it is suitable for everyone. The passion for wine brings people together, and it is not so difficult to choose a bottle which makes those who receive it happy. Go for a classic like a Chianti, a red that is generally liked by all, or surprise someone with a Sparkling Rosé Extra Dry Millesimato.

2 - You can find wines for all budgets

Il vino è il regalo di Natale perfetto perché ci sono bottiglie per tutte le tasche

Not all gifts are equal, because we don’r share the same closeness or relationship with everybody. In this case, wine is ideal, because you can find bottles with a wide range of prices. Looking for ideas and suggestions for wines to choose from? Take a look at the Promotions section of our website: you will find the wines which are currently on offer, and the product sheets will help you decide which bottles to go for.

3 - It is not one of those gifts that get left on a shelf getting dusty (drinking, joy)

Il vino come regalo di Natale è perfetto perché sottintende

No one will ever place a (full) bottle of wine on a shelf in the kitchen, like an ornament. Wine is a great gift because it leads you to think about the moment when you will open it and share the bottle, allowing it to bring cheer to the atmosphere of the dinner party during which it will be served. In short, a gift that unites the pleasure of sharing and taste.

4 – You can’t go worng with a Bubbly

Regalare un vino a Natale, per non sbagliare scegli una Bollicina

Are you afraid to choose the wrong bottle because you don’t have a close relationship with the resipient? If you want to be on the safe side, choose a Bubbly. Sparkling wines are among the most loved and highly esteemed Italian wines in the world, they are a constant presence on festive tables and an ideal base for delicious cocktails. So, to be on the safe side, there is only one choice: Bubbly!

5 - Recycling it is not a crime

Il vino è un ottimo regalo di Natale... anche se riciclato!

You can be careful, you can work hard, you can thoroughly study the people to whom you will give your wine as a present. However, there is always the possibility that for one reason or another it is not one they like. Again, this is only a problem on the outside. In fact, wine is a great gift even if recycled. The bottle you have chosen may not be consumed by the person you gave it to, but it will certainly end up on a table, ready to parade itself and achieve new new fans!