5 movies (and wines) for a spooky Halloween

Discover the perfect combination and start toasting!

5 movies (and wines) for a spooky Halloween

Date of publication: 25/10/2021

There's no trick-or-treating, no dressing up and no house parties this year, because you've got much different (and much more interesting) plans: a fancy dinner, a night on the couch, a horror movie and some good wine to keep you awake. Maybe it's the film itself that will keep you awake, but the right bottle of wine is a must.


Here is our list of "must-haves" for the most monstrous night of the year: each film has its own wine, to enjoy every last drop of suspense...



If you weren't afraid to fall asleep after seeing Nightmare, you're lying. What better time than on Halloween night to dust off the first in the popular series? The protagonist is Freddy Krueger, a serial killer who kills in his dreams with a clawed glove. A masterpiece of 1980s horror cinema, which also marked Johnny Depp's first screen appearance. For less dark dreams, try watching it while you drink a glass of Luminante Susumaniello: a complex and full of detail red wine, produced from one of the great indigenous Apulian grape varieties, rediscovered only in recent years. The mouth opens with aromas of red fruits, blackcurrant and plum, while it closes with a persistent and balanced finish.


Evil Dead

Fancy a quiet weekend in the mountains? Not after watching this 1981 cult film directed by Sam Raimi. It's the story of five guys who go to spend a few days in a chalet, but inadvertently awaken an evil demon. It's a great choice for your Halloween night out, especially if you enjoy a fresh Vigneti delle Dolomiti Chardonnay in between: it too was born in the mountains, but the jolts you'll get will only be of pleasure, trust me. The grapes from which it is produced are grown at high altitudes, where they can receive sunlight and where there is a good temperature range between day and night. The result is a wine with a nice personality, with fruity notes of golden apple, pineapple and exotic fruit. The mineral vein on the finish is a nice touch, tempting you to continue drinking.


The Others

An introspective, suspenseful film starring none other than Nicole Kidman as Grace Stewart, a war widow living in a large, isolated house. Her two children suffer from a serious illness, which forces them to live constantly in the dark. After various events, Grace becomes increasingly certain that there are intruders in the house.

If you are looking for the right wine to taste, change genre and choose instead a sun-loving white wine, such as Isola dei Nuraghi. Brilliant and luminous like the land where it is born, Sardinia, with character and personality to spare. Already in the bouquet you will find all the elements that herald its ease of drinking: yellow pulp fruit and white flowers, with a savoury note typical of Sardinian wines. If it is accompanied by buffalo mozzarella, you have hit the jackpot.


Dracula by Bram Stoker

A great classic from 1992, based on the novel Dracula by Bram Stoker. It tells of the curse of Count Dracula, who is forced to feed on human blood in exchange for eternal life. What is needed in this case is a "meat" wine, bright red in colour like an elegant Barbaresco. Made from Nebbiolo grapes, it is vinified in the traditional way, with long macerations on the skins and at least three years' refinement in casks. The result is a complex and sumptuous wine, with spicy notes emerging clearly from the first sip. If you have this in hand, all you have to do is play to enjoy a superlative evening.


Nightmare before Christmas

Why not lighten up the evening's gloomy atmosphere with Tim Burton's genius touch? The star of this Disney animated film is Jack Skeletron, the king of Halloween who, after discovering the magic of Christmas, decides to leave his world of fear and monsters and become Father Christmas himself. A perfect film to enjoy the scariest night of the year in the company of friends, with a few laughs and, why not, some daring disguises. All you need to do to bring the cheerfulness into your home is to uncork a Lambrusco del Salento, a young red wine with smooth tannins, one of those wines that, once you've had your first glass, you immediately go for a second round. Thanks also to its low alcohol content, it is the perfect companion for convivial occasions.

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