Wines of Sardinia

The island of the sun in a new line of Giordano wines

Wines of Sardinia

Date of publication: 19/05/2021

Cradle of the Nuragic civilisation and second-largest island in the Mediterranean, Sardinia is truly a special region, and not just for the beauty of its beaches and wild hinterland. The happy combination of mild climate, sea breezes, a wide variety of soils and, last but not least, considerable exposure to the sun, is a unique asset for wine-growing, and a real boon for vine cultivation. The result is wines with a strong regional identity, with high points of excellence in both the red and white families.

Giordano's new line is inspired by the desire to pay homage to the island of the sun, with wines conceived by man but created by nature. And from such a flourishing and precious land, only masterpieces can be born.


A land with ancient roots

Sardinia can be defined in every respect as an ancient island, where unspoilt landscapes and age-old traditions still survive. Here, some of the oldest traces of cultivated vines in the western Mediterranean have been found, dating as far back as Phoenician times. Its strategic position has always made it the object of conquests by various peoples, from the Carthaginians to the Romans, from the Arabs to the Aragonese, Genoese, Pisans and finally Piedmontese. And so it is that wine production has also been affected by the influence of the different cultures and traditions that have come and gone over the centuries. The heritage of indigenous vines is therefore quite rich, although there is also a good presence of international grapes, the latter mostly used in blends with the local ones.


Cannonau di Sardegna

By far the most important and best known red wine of the region, an all-rounder wine that perfectly reflects the Mediterranean character of the island, is Cannonau (also called Grenache). For a long time, it was thought that this grape variety had arrived in Sardinia from Spain, at the time of the Aragonese occupation at the beginning of the 14th century, but recent discoveries have suggested that the land of origin of Cannonau, and therefore of Grenache, could be Sardinia. In any case, its link with this island has ancient origins and is expressed here with unique and clearly recognisable sensorial characteristics. This is a vigorous, warm and full-bodied wine with a not inconsiderable alcohol content and good tannin. In the glass, one finds all the scents and aromas of the Mediterranean maquis, with hints of spices and a balsamic note. On the palate, it is dry and persistent, perfect for pairing with more mature cheeses such as Sardinian pecorino, the typical fregula and Culurgiones (savoury stuffed pastries), but also with the tastiest meat dishes of Sardinian tradition, such as suckling pig, kid and lamb.

Vermentino di Sardegna

They say Vermentino is the grape that loves the sea. And indeed, we find it on the coasts of Liguria, Tuscany and, of course, Sardinia, where it is one of the most popular white wines. No wonder, given the elegance and finesse of its aromas. This, in particular, is an extraordinarily delicate Vermentino, with a brilliant straw-yellow colour and greenish highlights, characterised by the savoury and mineral note typical of wines born near the sea. From the very first taste, it reveals its greatest asset: an intense and very broad floral bouquet, with citrus nuances that give a pleasantly bitter aftertaste. What to pair it with? Certainly with all fish dishes, but it is when accompanied by regional fare, such as Pane Frattau, Pane a Fittas and Suppa Cuata, that it reveals all its splendour.

Isola dei Nuraghi

This denomination covers the entire territory of Sardinia and includes several types of wine. In our new line dedicated to Sardinian wines, you can find white and red versions.

Isola dei Nuraghi Bianco is a sunny and bright wine, almost reminiscent of the white beaches that have made this island famous. Its aromas are of white-fleshed fruit and delicate white flowers, heralding a smooth, easy-drinking mouthfeel. With the distinctive savoury and mineral note characteristic of Sardinian wines, it certainly wins one over with its freshness, which makes it ideal as an aperitif and more. Thanks to its excellent persistence it is a perfect accompaniment to seafood starters and fresh cheeses. With buffalo mozzarella, for example, it is pure joy.

Its sibling, Isola dei Nuraghi Rosso, picks up that pulse of freshness that satisfies the palate, enticing you to continue the experience. A dry, crisp and surprisingly smooth mouthfeel, but with good persistence. The bouquet is floral and fruity, with notes of geranium and cherry playing prominent parts. Less challenging and complex than Cannonau, it is the classic red wine you should always bring to the table, because one way or another it ends up there. Especially when paired with semi-aged cheeses and traditional cured meats, when you need a wine with the right intensity to stand up to the strong flavours of these foods, but which still maintains great drinkability.

So these are the newcomers to the House of Giordano. Discover them now on the site!