3 ideas to toast the approaching summer

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3 ideas to toast the approaching summer

Date of publication: 30/05/2023

Summer is just around the corner and all you can do is imagine yourself on a nice comfortable lounger by the sea sipping a cool drink? Because let's face it: there is no better season for lots of cheers and fun in company. Since we know you well by now, dear wine lover, we've put down three ideas for you to toast (in a big way) to the approaching summer.

And that's not all, thanks to the irresistible gourmet appetisers we offer, your toasts will have a whole new flavour. Ready? Let's go!


3 ideas for toasting the approaching summer - #1 Aperitif at sunset 



The time has come to start thinking about the next bottles to uncork, perhaps in front of a beautiful sunset, not bad is it? We have a few ideas... and guess what? We're taking you to Puglia! And while we're at it, we invite you to pack a nice MERLOT ROSATO PUGLIA IGT, perfect with meat rolls with bacon and scamorza cheese (very easy to prepare) or with other seafood recipes such as salmon fillet in teriyaki sauce, very quick for those who don't want to spend too much time in the kitchen. One thing is certain: when you uncork it, it will be so pleasant that you won't be able to resist the temptation to make a second round. How? You can try it together with a very tasty crostone with black olive pâté and fresh cherry tomatoes, or (if you feel like something lighter, since the swimming costume test is approaching) prepare crostoni with citrus fruits, fennel salad and smoked salmon... Your mouth is already watering, isn't it? You will see that this combo will be a surprise for your palate and that of your friends. And let's face it: it's important to make every sunset aperitif memorable, don't you think?


3 ideas for toasting the approaching summer - #2 Outdoor toasts 



Are you always there, waiting for a ray of sunshine to appear so you can take a trip out of town? You are right wine lover, keep an eye on the weather and organise a nice outing to the park or the mountains with your friends or wherever you prefer. However, there is one thing you cannot forget to put in the fridge: Malvasia Pinot Grigio Puglia IGT so fragrant and inviting that your moments of relaxation will taste enviable. Even more... if you decide to enjoy it with a Bruschetta di Verdure Grilled Vegetables. Don't resist now, call your friends and uncork it! ;)

3 ideas for toasting the approaching summer - #3 The perfect glass for your terrace lunches 


We know that in fine weather you can't wait to inaugurate your terrace at home... And if you don't have one, no panic, you can uncork it indoors and still have fun! So go with this Luminante Susumaniello Puglia IGT ideal with earthy first courses, meat main courses and mature cheeses. If you're short of ideas and haven't thought of the menu, we'll take care of it for you... Toast and enjoy a nice plate of Orecchiette Pugliesi with broccoli and chilli peppers. What do you think? After a long day it will be a blast.... 

In any case, whatever your choice, with our labels, it will certainly be a good one!


What now? You're already thinking about the next evening to organise, huh? The ideas are there: you just have to put them into practice ;) All you have to do is go and have a peek on the our website to find the right glasses and toast the approaching season properly! You deserve it! ;)

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