Limited Edition Vintage Labels

2 bottles numbered edition

For those of you who are true winelovers and have been following Giordano for many years, we have come up with a "timeless" promo. Today you can find Dolcetto del Piemonte DOC 2021 and Barbaresco DOCG 2019 with vintage Giordano labels: a limited edition that will trigger memories of many happy toasts in your company. Bring home the wine you have always loved in a unique version: each bottle is numbered from 1 to 999, so that you can put a unique piece in your cellar to uncork on special occasions. 

£ 49 .90



Dry red wine Limited Edition

If you are a fan of great Piedmontese reds, this Dolcetto is a must in your cellar: dry, pleasant and versatile, it is the ideal accompaniment to many traditional hearty menus. Here it is in a limited edition, with its vintage label and numbered from 1 to 999 to take home a truly unique piece signed by Giordano.

Format: 0.75 l


Aged red wines limited edition

For an intense, persistent and spicy glassful, Barbaresco is a must on your table. For those of you who appreciate tradition and, like true winelovers, value unique pieces, today we have an unmissable surprise: here is the Barbaresco DOCG 2019 in a limited edition with its vintage label and in numbered bottles from 1 to 999. Yes, you read that right: you can take home a unique piece of Giordano tradition to enjoy with anyone who loves classics that never go out of fashion.

Format: 0.75 l