Lambrusco di Modena DOC

Sparkling Red Wine

The most known sparkling red wine in Italy and Europe, due to its characteristics of pleasantness and versatility.

Serving Temperature
Serving Temperature
8°-10 °C

Intense red color with hints of a vivid purple; taste with the sparkling tone of blackberry and ripe red fruit aroma. Enveloping flavor with a pleasant balance given by the typical acidity, the structured tannin, the enveloping softness. Wine of moderate alcohol content, very pleasant.

£ 6 .99
  (cod. 8661)
£ 9.32/lt.
Food Matches

Table wine, ideal with meats, pasta dishes and white meat.

Typically Italian Red Selection
15 wines + 7 specialities + 1 flask extra virgin olive oil
£ 99 .90
(cod. 91591)