Grappa di Prosecco

A monovitigno (single variety) grappa, which comes from the distillation of marc from only Prosecco grapes, harvested when healthy and well ripened. The slow distillation releases the aromatic richness of the original grapes, with a fruity, fragrant bouquet that sets it apart. The colour is transparent and on the palate it is characterised by extreme smoothness.

40% vol
Serving Temperature
Serving Temperature
12°-14 °C
£ 27 .99
50 cl   £ 55.98/lt.   (cod. 8576)
Marketed by: Giordano Vini S.p.A. via Cane Guido 47bis-50 12055 Diano d'Alba (CN) - Italy.

Production Notes

Produced by Dilmoor S.p.A. - Pedrengo (BG) - Italy

Distributed by Giordano Vini S.p.A - Diano d'Alba - Italy

Produced in Italy