Wine and a film: the perfect autumn evening in

A cosy blanket, wineglass in hand, and… Press play!

Wine and a film: the perfect autumn evening in

Date of publication: 10/10/2022

Autumn is now here: it's time for Netflix evenings with the right wine! We have many tips for choosing  a wine-themed film  that a wine connoisseur like you will appreciate and, above all, we have many suggestions on the right labels to open for "good viewing." Curious? Check this out!

Wine and films: here's what to watch if you're a romantic

Speaking of romance and wine, a film that you must definitely see is "A Good Year" (2006). You'll see a very handsome Russell Crowe as Max Skinner,  an unscrupulous banker who has always preferred a career to feelings. When his uncle Henry dies, Max is forced to go  to Provence  to sell the estate (with adjoining vineyard) he inherited. Cupid, however, is around the corner: meeting Fanny, owner of the local bistro, will make him re-evaluate his priorities. In short, this is a Romantic film with a capital "R."  It should be seen while sipping  an   EXCLUSIVE ROSE GOLD LABEL PUGLIA IGT: a dry, pleasant rosé to accompany the film's moments maximum pathos with its floral scent.

Wine and film: another very romantic unmissable classic

Remaining in the field of “maximum romanticism," we have to mention “A Walk in the Clouds” (1995). An unforgettable Keanu Reeves (very young at the time) plays Paul Sutton,  a war veteran who returns home to his wife who hasn't loved him for some time. Abandoned and without work, he becomes a sales rep selling chocolates. What he doesn't yet know is that true sweetness awaits him: he meets Victoria, daughter of the owners of the "Las Nubes" vineyard. His life is turned upside down as he discovers love and a connection to the land. Prepare a good supply of tissues: it's impossible not to be moved! In between blowing your nose, however,  you can taste a glass of  MERLOT PUGLIA IGT,  an intense and fragrant red like the passion that overwhelms the film's two protagonists.

Wine and film: it's time for a good thriller

Maybe you are not a romantic and you prefer to sit on the edge of your seat with a glass of wine in your hand until the last scene: in this case,  Blood and Wine (1996) is the thriller for you. The inimitable Jack Nicholson is Alex Gates, a wine salesman who seems to lead a perfect life with his wife and stepson. In reality, old Alex has a beautiful lover and is planning the theft of a precious necklace: we don't want to reveal too much of the plot but know that between intrigues, thefts, and betrayals, this film will keep you on a tightrope the whole time. To soften the atmosphere a little, you could uncork a  nice, fresh GARDA DOC BIANCO:  delicate and floral, this wine is ideal for not "overloading" your sensory system during the film.

Wine and movies: have a laugh!

Would you like to spend a quiet evening watching a comedy? We have the right film for you: Sideways (2004) will give you a few laughs and, who knows… it might even move you a little. Paul Giamatti is Myles Raymond,  an unsuccessful and newly divorced writer who teaches in high school: to change his routine he decides to leave on a tour of a California vineyard with his best friend Jack.  Here he will reflect on his failures and dreams, and meet people who will change him. To fully enjoy this light film,  we suggest a fresh, sparkling PROVOBIS: why not make some hot popcorn and get comfortable?

Now that we have suggested  a series of themed films to pair with good wine, all you have to do is search Giordano for your favourite labels: whatever film you decide to watch in your "home cinema", we have the right wine to go with it!

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