Which wine for Spring?

It is a time of rebirth in life and at the table. Welcome Spring with a rosé sparkling wine!

Which wine for Spring?

Date of publication: 17/02/2020

The scent of change is in the air, thanks to the arrival of Spring! The change of season brings with it a new energy and a great desire for renewal. It is time for outdoor walks, aperitifs and light-hearted moments that improve mood and promote good intentions. Spring is the season par excellence of positive transformation in all aspects of life, even at the table.

It is therefore time to renew your cellar with wines of fresh flavour that best accompany all the leisure opportunities the new season will bring. For this reason we have thought of three wines for you to celebrate Spring in style. 


Our first choice is the Rosè Vintage Extra Dry sparkling wine 2018 – for more reasons than one. In the first place, sparkling wine is always the best option for an important toast. This choice is even more appropriate when it is a rosé sparkling wine: good cheer and light-heartedness will certainly be present your table.

Moreover, this sparkling wine is a pleasure to drink and is enjoyed by diners. Indeed, the wine pairs well with different dishes thanks to its aroma of currants and raspberries which flows into an intense citrus and red rose flavour. It goes perfectly with appetizers, main courses and desserts. This rosé sparkling wine is ideal for giving vent to your creativity in terms of combinations in the kitchen.


At times of change there is a need to surround oneself with positive people and stimuli to embrace the desire for novelty in the air. Loris White Wine is the ideal companion for welcoming Spring with a big smile. Full-bodied and pleasant, this straw-yellow white comes from the experience and spontaneity of our wine maker Loris, from which the bottle takes its name. Loris himself describes the wine as a balance of "harmonies and suggestions," exactly what it takes to share a new beginning with your closest friends and let yourself be carried away by the wind of spring change. Pair it with a substantial first course, such as a full-bodied carbonara or fish dishes to release its contagious joy.


Change the season, but not the desire for intense flavour. After a winter of red wine, there is no reason to put it away permanently. A bottle of Imperante Red Wine of Italy is perfect for saying farewell to the cold season while retaining a strong bond with red grapes. Energetic and vital, this wine is also to be explored and tasted by enthusiasts, especially if accompanied by excellent meat or medium-aged cheeses. The symphony and harmony of flavours are the wine’s secret weapons, which is why it is ideal for greeting the new season and your most important guests in style.