Imperante Vino Rosso d'Italia

Dry red

With the majestic aura of an ancient ruler, this commanding Italian Red Wine is aware of its own special qualities. Expertly produced from carefully selected grapes, it favours balance over austerity, harmony over brute force, and fruity softness over more straight forward aromatic notes. A wine to serve with pride. A fresh discovery that will delight even the most seasoned connoisseur.

Serving Temperature
Serving Temperature
18°-20 °C

Ruby-coloured, intense, and suggestive. From its multifaceted body that is both serious yet suggestive, arises an intense aroma of berries and barely perceptible hints of vanilla. The balsamic echo in the bouquet anticipates its robust taste, consistent with the full-bodied nature of this artful melange. Balance, persistence and harmony come together to guarantee the irresistible aromatic depth that is waiting to be explored with Imperante Italian Red Wine.

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The secret lies in the right proportions: the maturation process, the intensity of its fruitiness, the timing of the harvest, the correct blending of the right combination of grapes. Then comes the wine pressing done according to the rhythm set by a long tradition, respected and industriously continued by ever-vigilant vintners. The resting time in the cellar must be neither cut too short nor drawn out too long, to prevent the process from leaving an excessive mark on the character of Imperante Italian Red Wine. A wine that playfully reveals itself a little at a time and on tasting consistently provides very balanced flavour.

Food Matches

The delicious pasta dishes of traditional Italian cuisine provide the perfect wine pairing, particularly meat sauces. It is also excellent with medium-aged cheeses and is especially suited to grilled and barbecued foods. Imperante Italian Red Wine goes very well with flavourful Mexican cuisine. Try it paired with chicken and chorizo enchiladas.


If you want to explore all of the facets of Imperante Italian Red Wine before making it the centre of daring combinations at the dining table, set aside some time for tasting, perhaps in the company of friends and fellow afficionados of good wines Avoid doing the following three things immediately before sipping a glass of wine: smoking, drinking coffee, or eating particularly flavourful foods. Want a trick for making the tasting even more enjoyable? Follow a glass of the wine with a sliver of dark chocolate. Simply sublime!

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